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Watch This: Kris Jenner “Loves Her Friends”

In 1985, to commemorate her 30th birthday, Kristen Kardashian—that’s the future Kris Jenner, natch—recorded this horrific music video, using husband Rob Kardashian’s dough. Truly, Kris could’ve been the Rebecca Black of another decade.

Set to the tune of Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.,” this off-key ditty is probably titled “I Love My Friends” (Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé are credited with writing the song’s aggressively simple lyrics and catchy refrain). Kris is all mugging and winking, and she treadmills without pants. And yes, most of Kris Jenner’s “friends” are actually stores she likes to shop in. Hmm.

The video’s cameos are blink-and-you’ll-miss-them, but O.J. Simpson is definitely here, enjoying happier times. And who are those three darling little girls? Whooaaa, that was back when Khloé was the littlest Kardashian.

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  • 1. The music behind her and most of the images in the beginning are DIRECTLY stolen from Randy Newman.
    2. Since she mostly seems to feature stores and places she gets services, I have to wonder if this isn’t an early attempt at getting free stuff.
    3. What’s with the guy with the hose and the homeless guy?