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Let’s Have a Look at Eddie Cibrian’s Ashy Elbows, Spit-Swapping Expertise, and Grasp on LeAnn Rimes’ Boobs

photo of eddie cibrian and leann rimes pictures photos
Hey! Here’s LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian doing what they do best – posing for the camera, showing off various parts of spine and boob canyons, and frolicking around in resort wear like they’ve got no business doing anything else. Like working.

Who knows. Maybe this is The Big Christmas Lead-In. Maybe this year’s Christmas cards will depict Eddie and LeAnn fornicating in front of a flickering fire. There could be worse things, you know. I’m not sure what just yet, but I’m sure there’s got to be something. … Right?

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  • god her boobs are so awkward. and i feel bad for her, because the light totally highlighted the stretch mark on her right boob.

  • let’s no longer talk about this bitch yea?

    she’s an egomaniac who’s desperate for our attention, accusatory when it’s not the right kind.

  • Thanks for calling these two out for how they pose for the cameras. How is that other celebs are in Cabo, but we have seen only one photo of them, whereas with EC and LR we have seen a photo of them EVERYDAY/mutiple times in one day while in Cabo? They have to know that releasing back to back staged photos like this, makes it obvious that they are tipping off the paps. She needs to sue whoever did her breast implants because you can see stretch marks, that isn’t normal. The sad part is that she thinks she looks good. What is she trying to prove with these pda photos? That he isn’t cheating on her because he makes out with her while drunk on a balcony in Cabo after she bought him a car?

  • I didn’t even notice that EC elbows were ashy, I was too distracted by the stretch marks on her implants. They are just posing for the cameras, couldn’t she had put some makeup on them? But wait, EC is wearign a black shirt and the makeup would hae rubbed off. How come EC didn’t have the decency to tell LR that she had stretch marks on her breasts? Either EC doesn’t look/pay attention to LR (so the most attention she gets from EC is when they are posing for the cameras) or he is secretly trying to ruin LR.

  • Stretch marks are normal. Normal women have stretch marks. I remember my 1st stretch mark; I was still an A-cup, being a skinny 9-year-old & all. Now I’m a skinny 32G, & yes, I’ve got a few stretch marks (they’re white & I’m white, so they’re pretty hard to see, but whatev.) So do all the other women I know, from A-cups to J-cups. If you think women with implants *shouldn’t* have stretch marks, I’d guess it’s because women who have their breasts surgically augmented usually start out with smaller breasts, & smaller breasts are less likely to have a ton of stretch marks. But many still do, & it is ok! Really! Even if you’re a famous famewhore. Put makeup on your boobs? Seriously? That’s way more boob obsession than I can deal with, & I am kind of obsessed with boobs. (Boobs are awesome.)
    For the record: I didn’t notice Leann’s stretch mark till I read the comments, but now it does seem kinda obvious. Then again, who knows what the undersides of their breasts look like without several mirrors & a deal of undue contortion?