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LeAnn Rimes “Didn’t Know” Her Boobs Were Showing, Tee Hee

photo of leann rimes see through shirt pictures photos pics
I know you guys were sitting back, kicking it with your leftovers this weekend, when a hot panic broke out over your being: you hadn’t seen a LeAnn Rimes post on Evil Beet in, what, two weeks? Well, naturally I had to see what she’s been up to, and what did I find? These palate-pleasing little photos of LeAnn strutting her stuff in the autumn sun, probably-braless for the world to see. Isn’t that charming Eddie Cibrian just, like, the luckiest guy in the whole entire WORLD?

I personally like the no-makeup photos that LeAnn’s already been caught with, but I’ll take a demi-nip any day (even if it happens to belong to Courtney Love), you know?

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  • Other sites didn’t post these photos, and so people felt sorry for LR because the media was “picking” on her for not wearing a bra. If the other sites had posted this photo, I’m sure that all those people who were defending LR for being “bullied” by the media would quickly change their mind. The bad part is that this was a family outting, so her in laws and EC kids were with them. What a great bonus mom! I understand that sometimes you want to go braless, but how come everytime Leann is spending quality time with her bonus sons, she goes braless and wears a VERY SHEER shirt/dress or dress/shirt that barely covers her breasts so that those kids can make out every detail of her breasts? We shoudln’t be able to tell what color her areola is and neither should those boys.

    What stands out the most, how come all the people in the background are wearing long slevees or T shirts? Even the other people in EC and LR crew had on jackets, EC had on two shirts. EC friend had on a jacket. So LR wasn’t hot like she claims, she was just attention seeking again.

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