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Mila Kunis Was ALSO Hacked

A photo of Mila Kunis at the Friends with Benefits premiere in Berlin

TMZ is now reporting that darling Mila Kunis‘s cell phone was also hacked, although the leaked photos aren’t quite as saucy as Scarlett’s.

But! The photos’ subject matter might surprise you! Of the four photos the hacker leaked, two were reportedly of Friends with Benefits costar Justin Timberlake. In one photo, he’s “laying [sic] shirtless in a bed.” In another photograph, Timberlake is wearing a pair of pink panties on his head. How sexy.

There’s also a photo of a peen, but so far, no one has been able to verify the peen’s identity. And then there was a photo of Mila in a bubble bath—but only her head is visible.

The hacker also procured text message exchanges between Kunis and Timberlake. Poor Jessica Biel!

The FBI has been investigating similar celebrity hacks; Selena Gomez, Christina Aguilera, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus, and Busy Philipps (frown) are all among the victims.

Lainey asks what I was just wondering, myself: what in heaven’s name are people saving on their cell phones?

I only recently decided to move the most incriminating photos off my iPhone and store them elsewhere. Since you are wondering, they were all photos of my boyfriend—specifically, there’s the one photo of him wearing a cat. Oh, there was also the one of my name shaved into his groin hair. You think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding. Ask anyone at the bar.

What’s on your cell phone?

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