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Crazy Ashlee Simpson Went With Her Illegitimate Boyfriend to a Premiere, Looked Crazy

photo of ashlee simpson and vincent piazza at boardwalk empire premiere pictures photos pics

I mean, come on. How creepy is she? She’s positively leering at the guy, and if that doesn’t say “self-serving, unstable harpy,” almost nothing does.

That’s her boyfriend up there, Vincent Piazza of Boardwalk Empire, the HBO special in which he stars. I guess he didn’t get the memo that his new girlfriend’s not officially divorced, leads her estranged husband around by the nose so much so that he’s lost weight and is starting to look gaunt from all of the stress, and who also has alleged substance abuse issues. But who knows, maybe he does know. Maybe it’s good inspiration for his television series, I’m not sure. Stranger things have happened (you know, like Ashlee’s old nose growing back).

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