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Lindsay Lohan and Mom Dina are Two Klassy Ladies

photo of lindsay lohan and dina lohan at fashion week new york city 2011 pics

See these photos? These are the height of sense and sensibility, of class and fashion and style. Aren’t these gals just the most? I mean, here they are, strutting their stuff at parties left and right during NYC’s Fashion Week, and not once has one of them been photographed puking in the gutter. Not once has either one of these lovely ladies been caught stumbling around a back alley, trying to score meth or cocaine or even better, heroin. I mean, neither one of them even look to be a little bit of a hot mess. DON’T THESE TWO JUST LOOK SUPER?

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  • what did LiLo do to her FACE?!? her lips look horrible!! This is such a trainwreck…the whole world is watching a trainwreck in slow motion, and it’s just a matter of time til it happens. ugh!

  • p.s. i like how her mom is holding her up because she is so trashed. good job LA Co. probation! the whole world can see that she’s learned her lesson!

  • I second blondewithabrain, what did Lohan do to her face? And is she aware it makes her look at least as old as her mom? Also, the nude lip doesn’t do anything for her. I’m a ginger too, just say no Lindsay, just say no.

  • Hey blohan !!! You truly are showing how well adjusted your life is and in control you are. Keep up the good work! Dina you are a great mom and support system ..I wonder if she holds her hair back while hanging over the toilet ?