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Blind Item: Which Actress’ New Boyfriend Worships The Devil?

I’m getting more comfortable with this blind item business. I feel pretty confident that I got that last one right, and if I didn’t get this one here right, then at least I know it’s not for lack of trying. Are you ready? Ok, here it is:

This girl-next-door actress better hold on tight to her rosary beads because her new beau’s buddies are into sex rituals, witchcraft and devil worship! The star has been trying to kick her goody-two-shoes image for years, but she has no idea about this guy’s dark side.

Anne Hathaway, right? She’s one of the first people that comes to mind with the “girl-next-door” and “goody-two-shoes” descriptors, and she’s definitely been trying to shed that image. Plus I’m pretty confident that the rosary beads bit is a clue, and Anne is/was Catholic, and I know that because I spent a good half hour researching Catholic celebrities, and when I saw her name I remembered that time that she broke up with the Church after her brother came out. Also, her boyfriend could totally be into sex rituals and witchcraft, maybe that’s what happened to her nipples.

Any other guesses?

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  • It says “new beau” and I’m pretty sure she’s been with her dude for a while now. I don’t have any good guesses, though.

  • stop putting these fucking blind items !!
    it pisses me off not knowing who theyre talking about, whats the point of it anyway?? besides this dude who does the blind items could be totally making all these shit up since he doesnt release any names to acompany the story