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Blind Item: Country Stars and Cocaine!

I am so ready to just jump into this and roll around in it and rejoice in the glory of this blind item, so let’s hop to it, shall we?

From BuzzFoto:

This Country Singer, known for dating just about everyone in Hollywood has started to develop a bad habit. As in, the white stuff. She picked up the habit when she was dating another musician and is now hooked. If our source is correct, her late night partying is going to catch up to her…. soon.

It’s Taylor Swift, right? Can you see it? She’s definitely dated a good few Hollywood dudes, and she does seem a bit too wholesome. Suspiciously so, almost. Or maybe I’m just reaching because, ok, it’s not like I WANT Taylor Swift to be addicted to cocaine, it’s just that it would be so deliciously bizarre to have little TayTay reveal such a dark side.

Or hey, maybe it’s Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s a country star, remember? Do you guys have any other guesses to add to the mix?

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