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Well, Well, Well. What Do We Have Here?


Tay Squared were out and about again last night.  Now they’re shopping together?  Shopping?  They’ve advanced to that level?  I’ve been married for five years and my husband and I still aren’t ready for that level of togetherness!

Pics in the gallery of the ever adorable Tay2 as they hung out last night at Alice + Olive.

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  • They look really sweet and happy. Can it be true? Are there young people in Hollywood that I can actually like?

  • They make the cutest, prettiest and most normal celebrity couple I’ve seen in a long time. You can sense the “new couple” giddiness just from these pictures and it’s as adorable as watching two puppies play with each other.

  • They look so adorable!

    However, if I may be so bold….remembering how horny a teenage girl I was at 16 (and don’t judge my ass….my man and I are still together 21 years later) and how hot these two young’ens are….. I hope someone had the ‘talk’ with these kids. Because WOW he is HOT!

  • She isn’t wearing her seat belt properly. Maybe she is preparing to lean over and plant her face in his lap.

  • I am sorry, but this is such an obvious publicity stunt to try to cover up his generally very obvious gayness (not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, but I don’t like fake PR relationships). Catch up people. Real relationships are usually not this easy to photograph. They are setting it all up to create an image.

    And Joe Jonas doesn’t need to “suck on” anything. He is incredibly attractive…and it’s not based solely on his body, his lovely face or his dreamy hair…it’s because he’s just a more INTERESTING, funny, sweet, talented person than most.

    If he wasn’t all that, I don’t think Taylor Swift would have beaten the dead horse of their relationship for so long and so loud, do you?

    • Weird, liz, because I always thought the general consensus was that Joe Jonas was the gay one…

      In other news, these are two of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.