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“The whole family converted to Episcopalianism after my elder brother came out. Why should I support an organization that has a limited view of my beloved brother?”

– Anne Hathaway tells British GQ about why she quit Catholicism after her brother announced he was gay.

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  • Good for her……but I can’t help but think….it was ok before b/c it didn’t directly affect her? …just saying…

  • kudos to her and her family! instead of turning against her brother as most religious people do, she turned against her prejudice religion! im proud.

    • You must be an atheist and view people of faith as you view yourself. “Most religious people……” really. Fuck off.

    • I agree with EBD. Rachel obviously doesn’t have a clue as to how ‘most’ families, religious or otherwise, react to a family member that says they are gay. I’m proud that the turd my pet monkey just threw at the TV screen has a larger I.Q. than Rachel.

      • My step-grandmother and her entire family cut off her sister when she came out, and I’ve seen it happen to some friends to, so I really don’t think Rachel is that far off. I think it more has to do with where you are from in terms of geography and what religions are present there.

      • You’re talking OLD PEOPLE. They don’t count. For instance, my step grandmother used to think getting drunk and having sex with the school crossing guard in the playground was all right, but I really had trouble getting chosen for kickball teams after that.

      • Rachel never said the “most families turn on their relatives” remark — that was just a commenter on here.

        she just said she’d rather support her brother.

        it was someone once again blaming religious people for everything that started this chain — not rachel.

      • HAHAHA i read someone’s Rachel getting married comment and then, because I just woke up, though Anne Hathaway was Rachel .

        shit. i should go back to bed.
        nevermind everyone — as you were.

      • Uh, no, this happens all the time. Rachel is right now.

        And who the hell are you to be so rude to some person you don’t even know? YOURE A TURD THROWN BY A PET MONKEY if that’s how you treat people.

        And again, you’re completely wrong so not only are you rude, but ignorant as well. You have no idea how many LGBTQ people today are disowned by their families because it’s against their religion. I could go on but I don’t even want to waste my energy typing this…

      • And what is being questioned?

        Don’t we all have questions? Why are we here, what is the purpose, what happens when we die, does a soul really exist, etc.

      • Queer or questioning. Someone who doesn’t want to be categorized into anything and chooses to remain more fluid. Not really questions your purpose in life lol I chuckled at that, but questioning your gender, not wanting to be fenced in,etc.

        and I meant “right on” above, not “right now” because I’m funny like that.

  • As a (lapsed) Catholic – I totally get and applaud the Hathaway’s decision to jump. When the teachings of the church conflict with the orientation of a loved one – whom you raised in a strong and moral way – and believe to be a strong and moral person – there are only two options:

    a. fight the hypocrisy — but let’s face it – the church is hundreds of years behind the times on this one – even though (oh never mind) —

    b. flee.

  • Now does anyone really cares a flippin’ f*** about Anne Hathaway and her family? Any little concern I might have had was completely depleted after watching “Rachel Getting Married.” I mean, Jesus H, what sorry chump put up the cabbage to produce that POS movie where the most interesting scene included a dishwasher loading competition? However, that aside, I can’t blame her for ditchin’ the Catholic Church. They have proven themselves to be probably the most irresponsible religious organization in the history of humankind. How can anyone take a denomination seriously that still holds 16th century values on birth control, marriage and divorce, and a ton of other social issues? Then to boot, when a bunch of their pedophiles get caught in the act, instead of having them excommunicated and punished according to the law, they just move them to a different parish. So apparently, according to their unofficial doctrine, homosexuality is a sin, that is unless you are priest who likes to receive oral sex from an altar boy. Nice work, Vatican! I hope the lawsuits keep coming and break them for the corrupt corporation that they really are.

  • Don’t Episcopalians actually give free blowjobs to Jews on the 3rd day of Passover as a gesture of goodwill and forgiveness for the Jews killing Jesus? Or do I have them mixed up with Protestants?

  • That seems… hypocritical of her. The catholic church had the same views before her brother announced he was gay – so does that mean that it was fine that the church looked down on gay people as long as it didn’t apply to her family? Whatever.

    • I agree too. She should have phrased this differently if she didn’t want to be seen as a hypocrite. But maybe this is just half of a quote taken out of context.

      • Grace, you are probably right and the quote was used as a soundbite.

        No good deed goes unpunished. Anne Hathaway has supported gay rights for years, long before her brother came out (at least I think her brother came out within the last few years). Her good friend and fellow actress Heather Matarazzo, from Princess Diaries, came out to her around ten years ago and Anne backed her 100% when Hollywood wouldn’t.

  • Well, obviously she and her ignorant family really don’t understand Catholicism if they think they must disown their son/brother for being gay. I’m sure she is a very devout practicing Episcopalian….since they feel everything is about catering to them… Luckily, when they find something else they don’t understand it won’t be a problem to change religion again as easy as it would be to change you brand of cereal. ugh, egotistical celebrities….

    • Does anyone really understand Catholicism? My main problem with “specialized religion”, or what others would call organized religion, is that I can’t agree with everything that is being forced down our throats and in our mind.

      And, I wholeheartedly believe that every religion was made up by men and women to further their agendas and exert control over people. This is not God’s fault, it is humankind’s fault.

  • Um.. she was okay with her boyfriend bilking people for charity, the church dissing so many others until “HER DARLING Brother was a bother?

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