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Anne Hathaway Still Has That Boyfriend and Her Dignity, Too

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You know who’s got some serious old-Hollywood class? Anne Hathaway. Seriously. She keeps her private life private, her love life under wraps for the most part, and her lovely ladybits covered up.

Here, she’s photographed with her boyfriend (who I actually forgot existed, this girl is so good) Adam Shulman, yachting it up on a, well, yacht.

Love the suit, Anne, love the tenderness of the kiss, and love the fact that though you’re a wicked talented actress, your business is your business. You’re a class act, girl.

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  • She looks like the slightly retarded cousin who ends up living upstairs with Aunt Fannie and who smells like moth balls.

  • I love the bathing suit! Also, it makes a change from all the Hollywood actresses strutting their stuff half-naked on the beach.

    • This from someone who brags about going topless on the beach? Mireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Sarah: You make your livlihood making other people’s business everyone’s business, yet you admire someone who keeps her business to herself? Bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

      • I don’t think so at all. Writing is her job, what makes you think how she writes and what she does is how she lives her life? I would think that seeing how so many other celebrities air their laundry alllllll over the place would make her appreciate someone who is a bit more subdued and really, classy.

  • Anne is a Swamp Donkey – She Obnoxious and Pretentious That mouth is scary looking and Shjes just Not Attractive at all … Not in a Classical way or old fashioned way or even in a close your eyes and think of way or any way.. The girl can Act Ill give her that – but thats it!

    • she really doesnt gv a fuck about sm over hyped regulations on wats “attractive” n wats nt,so u cn save ur crap n shove it up ur u noe wat.n bdw,y dnt u post ur pic n let ur “attractiveness” flow all over da web…??!bet u dnt hv da guts.(v cn make an xception to anti-pollution agendas dis 1 tym…dnt u wry.)
      wow.ppl nvr mis a chance 2 soothe their bruised self images @ others

  • While I agree that Anne is classier then most of the Hollywood set her age, I disagree about that ill-fitting swimsuit she is sporting. It looks like she borrowed it from a 12 year old.

  • So, you all think she’s ugly as but love her acting – why can’t you accept that she is an actress, who, well acts! and therefore can play the part of anyone and everyone – whatever their looks – and therefore her “real” face isn’t so important. Think Merryl Steep you fools – you don’t need to be beautiful to be talented – your talent makes the beauty!

    • The biggest insult of the board goes to Aussie Joe for saying that Anne should make us think of Meryl Streep. I know he was trying for a compliment, but he just said Anne is completely unattractive.

  • I find it curious that a not atypical female response to a picture of another female that is apparently more “appealing” to a male of the species is often far more misogynistic than anything Limbaugh has ever said. Women are by far their own worst enemies. I have been honored to know a number of women whom do not fit that description. Apparently we could use more.

    Thank you

    • I agree 100%. It’s a sad fact that women do that as do many men. I think we’re all conditioned to see females first as sex objects, and I’ve personally been on the receiving end of anger from ‘friends’ for atrocious crimes like wearing sexy dresses when having large breasts, and was once screamed at for losing too much weight and ‘must of had’ an eating disorder.

  • I honestly don;t think she’s attractive at all. Someone earlier said it perfectly…she looks like the retarded cousin.

  • I cannot for the life of me believe how many people sit around on these sites, and do nothing but rag. Drag out the artillery and call everyone ugly, no class or untalented. It must be nice to sit at your desk, where noone can see your face. They don’t know you have gigantic zits, or weigh 250/ They can’t see you. I just don’t believe you spend your time like this. Good lord. Why don’t you get a life with something good going on. Stop dragging other people down.

  • She has shown her lady bits in at least two movies. You’re wrong about that. The movies are “Havoc” and “Brokeback Mountain.” Sorry, but classy and Hollywood stardom just do not go together. The actresses who *never* show ladybits or *never* use sex to get ahead…*don’t* get ahead.

  • yeh shes so classy she bared her ass and her bod in that movie with that dude from that ’70s show’. I cant even remember it. She was so lame. i just dont like her.

    she better keep it covered up no one wants to see that pale lanky shapeless body.

  • She looks pretty damn good to me, and the interviews I’ve seen of her make her seem like someone I wish I knew. I’d be honored to be part of her inner circle, even if I had zero chance to “hit that”. At any rate, I would bet my house she’s hotter than every single one of the dissenters on this board.

    • THANK YOU, governor, for saying exactly what I was thinking. So what if her nipples are crooked? They are on a LOT of women (just like one testicle usually hangs lower on a man– where’s the public scrutiny over that??). At least she isn’t fake like so many celebrities today. It makes me hate humanity when people (i.e., men) post things like “I’d hit that” or “I’d do her”– like she’d ever even look twice at them! Pathetic.
      So, anyway, thanks for showing some class and restoring some of my faith in mankind.