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New Couple Alert: Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel

A photo of Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel

These rumors first started back in March, right after the long-awaited break up of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake.  Jessica was filming a movie called Playing the Field with Gerard Butler, and in typical Biel fashion, she was all over him.  Their publicists said that the two were just friends, and that’s been the story for a while.  That’s still the official word, but now there are pictures of Gerard taking Jessica for a ride on his motorcycle. And that changes everything.

People has a couple of quotes from some insiders on the possible new couple:

“He knows he looks good,” the onlooker tells PEOPLE. “If I were her, I’d hook up with him. She looks good, too, and she knew she looked good, swinging her hips around.”

The source adds: “They looked like a couple. They were having a good time.”

“Gerry has a large personality, and everyone, including Jessica, gets caught up in his world,” one insider tells PEOPLE. “I think they enjoyed each other’s company. It can be hard working on a movie, trying to establish a new routine, and it helps when you have someone with you to make you feel more normal.”

You guys, I’m trying so hard to care about this, I really am, but I just can’t. I don’t like Jessica Biel, and while I absolutely loved P.S. I Love You, I don’t think Gerard Butler is as attractive as most people do.  Am I wrong, should I have super strong feelings about this possible pairing, or are you guys as apathetic on this as I am?

Images courtesy of The Daily Mail

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  • I’m with you Emily, meh….Butler really only looks good with his Leonidas facial hair and Biel tries really, really hard to be relevant but even with the killer bod she doesn’t make me all tingly in my man parts… next marginally talented hookup please.

  • Loving the quotes. “He knows he looks good, and she looks good, and she knows she looks good….” Burn me with your lyrical flame.

  • Although she is a gorgeous lady, he is nothing to get excited about. I think most of these hollywood romances are just plain boring. This one for sure..YaWn.