Gerard Butler Has a Penis


Are you one of the 80 billion people who saw 300 last weekend when it was still a movie I had honestly never in my life even heard of? Yes? Well then perhaps you are interested in these pictures of Gerard Butler, featuring the outline of his penis. Even if you didn’t see the movie and have never ever heard of him (like me!), penises are still awesome (yay!). Go penises!

ger_peen3.jpg ger_peen4.jpg ger_peen5.jpg


  1. bev says:

    Well cayla I’m sorry but I’m there first!! As I’m sat ere now playin wiv his widgy woo but if ude like 2 join in it s TUFF!! Sorry sweetcheeks mwah xx

  2. Penis says:

    Penis’s are not awesome. Type in puke p0rn and you’ll see how awesome penis’s are. Penis’s abuse women. Penis’s rape women. penis’s abuse children. Penis’s make men think they are better than women. A mans penis is evil. A penis is a gift given to man by Satan. A mans Adams apple represents the piece of apple that Adam ate and a mans penis represents the snake which Satan took the form of in the same bible story. FACT! Even a man admitted it in his song “a demon between hid legs with a mind of it’s own”. Just think a mans penis moves itself. When your getting on a bus a mans penis wakes up, evil. A woman shouldn’t support penis. Penis’s don’t have respect for you.

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