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Jessica Biel Needs To Take It Down A Couple Notches

A photo of Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel, loving girlfriend of Justin Timberlake (yeah, they’re still dating for now), is starting to put some pressure on her man about getting more serious, which is clearly the best course their relationship could take at this time. According to an unnamed source,

“Jessica is desperate to settle down and have kids. And ideally she’d like it to be with Justin. She’s been at him for weeks about starting a family. Ideally she’d like to get married, too, but she’s told Justin she’ll happily settle for just a baby.”

I think when “ideally” you’d like to have your children with your current boyfriend and you have to be “at him for weeks,” then that’s a red flag.  And when you’d “happily settle for just a baby,” that’s an even bigger red flag.  You shouldn’t be bargaining with your partner for a child, and if you’re so desperate to have children while your partner really isn’t, then you need to consider options that don’t include harassing him until he impregnates you.  Do you understand these words, Jessica Biel?  Stop this.

Granted, this quote could be bogus, but looking back at this relationship, it seems pretty realistic.  Even if it’s not, you’re better than this, Jessica.  You were on 7th Heaven, and that makes you almost holy.  Don’t forget that.

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  • Can you imagine what that poor child would look like with that bizzare parent gene pool combination?

  • Celebrity women can be desperate and baby-crazy just like ordinary women…Who knew!

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