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Jessica Biel Still So Obsessed With Justin Timberlake That She’s Setting Her Sights on His Mom

I’m not sure whether these two crazy kids are still together or not — reps say they’re broken up and then you see them skiing together in Aspen.  Reps say they’ve broken up again and then you see Biel trailing after Timberlake like a lost puppy — not that that’s any different from the norm — but still, I don’t know what to make of these two.

However, in new developments, Jess Biel speaks to People magazine and voices the enormous love that she has for Timberlake’s mom, Lynn Harless.  In an interview that took place during the premiere of her recent documentary Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro, Biel claims that she’s “so in love” with Harless.

Here’s some advice, darling Biel … The way to a man’s heart is definitely not by verbally groping his mom.  Believe me, I know … It just.  doesn’t.  work.

Besides.  I think you’re going to have a little run for your money, soon.  Ever since Gabourey Sidibe announced earlier this week that Timberlake is her most prized celebrity crush,  Justin’s been texting her on the sly.  Sorry, Bielsy, I think you’re super-hot and I’d take you home to meet my Mama, but you’ve got nothing on Gabby Sidibe.  She’s twice the woman you are.

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  • What’s with the Timberlake attraction anyway? I mean I can see why women think he’s cute, but he’s not that hot.
    Besides didn’t Britney say he has a small wanker?
    Oh and Sidibe is more like three times the woman Biel is. Maybe four.

  • i agree he isn’t that cute. but he does have a lot of personality and a lot of talent going for him…plus a shit-ton of money for a man his age….and to be honest biel just seems a bit dykish to me…….she needs to go lesbo or something to make her more interesting cuz that is her problem….she is BORING

  • Taking the route of skewering the fat girl in an attempt for a very weak joke. Lame.

  • All I have to say is Jessica Biel’s hair is the color of Vitamin C’s hair when “Graduation” came out.

  • She is reeeeeally boring and when i look at at any pictures of her all i can see is her crazy lips. why did she mess up her lips? whhhhyy?

    Can they just break up already? I would love for her to fade out into obscurity… her and her boring boring outfits.