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George Clooney Ruined Sandra Bullock’s Dress

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George Clooney is such a prankster! He and his super cool celeb friends got Sandra Bullock to jump into a pool with her clothes on. She thought they were all jumping in, but nope! Nicole Kidman didn’t fall for it. Or maybe she was in on it. She’s Nicole Kidman, she wasn’t jumping in any goddamn pools in her lovely gowns. She practically is Grace Kelly. And I love her. What the hell was I talking about?

Oh, right. Mr. Clooney’s prank. Here’s what Ms. Bullock said on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (via People):

I went to the bathroom and came out and there was George and someone else with just their pants on going, ‘We’re gonna go in the pool,’ and I was like, ‘Really?’ ” she told Leno. “And so I held their hands and on the count of three, and in slow motion I see Nicole Kidman with a stack of towels … and I jump, and they let go, and I go in the pool. […] But the sad part was I wore this cute little lace dress that I paid a lot of money for, and as I got out, it started disintegrating.

Right, I’m sure you “paid a lot of money” for the dress. I’m sure it wasn’t given to you. I like that you’re trying to connect with the people, Sandra.

Bullock and Clooney star together in Gravity, in which they play astronauts who get stranded in space. The trailer gave me god awful anxiety. Which means I think it’s going to be a good film and I may actually see it.

I would totally let George Clooney prank me. It sounds like great fun. Let’s have a moment of sad face for the unnamed “someone else” in the story, who clearly wasn’t famous enough for a mention. :(

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