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Among her many stressers, Britney’s divorce is final

We’ve seen some very unsettling behavour from Britney in the last few days including medical staff being called out to the Chateau Marmont where she and her current boyfriend were fighting and Brit was out of control.

It’s possible one of the catalysts of this recent breakdown was knowing an LA judge was signing and finalizing her divorce from Sam Asghari.

On Thursday a judge determined settlement details and TMZ said there wasn’t much to report.

“Sam and Britney had an ironclad prenup in place — which basically left Sam with nothing substantial. We know she agreed to pay his rent at his new place for a bit … and while there were talks of her cutting him a check, it’s unclear if that ever happened;” the publication wrote.

Britney has been concerning many people since her father was cut from being her conservatory. But I still support that move. No ones making Kanye give up control.