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Demi Lovato Flirts With Wilmer Valderrama On Twitter

demi lovato x factor premiere

Wilmer Valderrama. To me he is the essential celeb that’s stuck in the era when they were famous. I always forget he exists, and when he pops back into the world, it’s never for work that he’s doing, it’s for being Wilmer Valderrama.

He and Demi Lovato are doing some flirting on twitter. Are they back together? Does anyone care? Not asking to be mean, I’m just curious.

Ms. Lovato tweeted to her 18 million+ followers,

Congrats to @WValderrama for his Outstanding Social Activism Alma award.. You are such an inspiration.. I’m so proud of you!!

He tweeted back, to his  400,000+ followers,

My @ddlovato, thank you for your sweet words.. Your thoughts mean so much to me.

It sounds pretty lovey-dovey.

Can someone real quick tell me what the appeal is in this dude? It’s not like he’s particularly offensive or gross or anything but he lands such high profile women and he seems so…ick? And what really sucks about him is that whenever I write about him, I get the That ’70s Show theme in my head. And not the original Big Star version, but the one of them singing. Life is so hard.

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  • He was alright in ‘Awake’, though that felt like the first thing he’s done in ages. He’s definitely a cameo worker.