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Are George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin expecting a baby?

amal alamuddin pregnant

George Clooney seems to be doing a lot of things he said he never would: he’s getting married to fiancée Amal Alamuddin, for one, and according to some reports, he might be expecting a baby soon. Of course, the couple’s rep has denied any such suggestions, but that won’t stop the press from talking about it.

From US Weekly:

No baby bump here! George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are not expecting their first child, despite numerous reports the hunk’s fiancée is expecting. Clooney’s rep tells Us Weekly that his lawyer love “is not pregnant.”

Rumors sparked after Alamuddin stepped out in a loose red and white printed maxi dress with the wind blowing in Lake Como, Italy late last month.

I mean, damn. Homegirl can’t even wear a loose-fitting dress without the gossip mags starting on her. I think she looks good! Whether or not they have kids doesn’t matter, really – and frankly, I think they are both interested in too many other things to be concentrating on babies.

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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin are one step closer to being husband and wife

george clooney amal alamuddin

George Clooney shocked the world and broke the hearts of many women the world over when he announced his engagement to girlfriend Amal Alamuddin back in April, and it seems his path to becoming hitched is getting that much closer, since the couple got their marriage license in London this week!

From DListed (I bow down at the altar of Michael K on the daily):

Dlisted reader Susan sent in this picture she took today outside of Chelsea Town Hall in London of the announcement that Amal Ramzi Alamuddin and George Timothy Clooney got their asses a marriage license and plan to get married in Italy. I didn’t know that in London marriage licenses are announced on a piece of paper behind glass outside of town hall. I thought that a messenger wearing a fancy coat and a fancy hat with a fancy feather sticking out of it stood at the top of the stairs, pulled out a scroll and read, “Here ye, here ye, here ye! Oxford-educated international human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin has obtained a license to marry Booker from Roseanne. May the failed tears of gold digging, fame whore cocktail waitresses commence!” That announcement is kind of like a magic eye poster. If you stare at it long enough, you’ll see four horsemen galloping toward you while farting out four swarms of locusts.

The picture in question can be seen over at DListed – it’s blurry and not anything special, but it does go to show that the nuptials you’ll cry over for the next 6 months are forthcoming VERY shortly.

Do we think these two will last? I kinda have a feeling this one is legit and will be for keeps!

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Stacy Keibler is “irked” over George Clooney’s engagement

stacy keibler george clooney

George Clooney and new fiancé Amal Alamuddin seem pretty happy together and will probably have a long, happy marriage. One person who never had such an opportunity with the Silver Fox is Stacy Keibler, the newly married and pregnant um…er… former Dancing with the Stars contestant (??? Seriously, what does she do?) who just wasn’t marriage material, in ol’ Georgie’s eyes. And turns out, she’s not too thrilled about the upcoming nuptials.

From US Weekly:

A source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that Keibler, 34, was “irked” by her ex’s engagement last month. “When George and Stacy got together, he told her she would be the one he’d marry—and that they could have kids,” the insider tells Us of the former model, who dated Clooney, 52, for two years before their split in July 2013.

I feel like that’s a bunch of bologna considering George often said he never had any intention to marry again. I don’t think he was just promising random women a walk down the aisle, but who knows. Either way, she should be pleased – she’s got her own fairytale ending now… just not with Clooney.

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