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Nicole Kidman

Hugh Jackman Praises Nicole Kidman’s Whiteness

nicole kidman hugh jackman

It’s not what it sounds like, obviously. As you probably know, Hugh Jackman has dealt with several bouts of skin cancer, and while he’s doing really well, he’s also vocal about how people need to be super vigilant about taking care of their skin, use sunscreen, stay off tanning beds, etc. And he thinks there’s one celebrity (and fellow Australian) who’s an inspiration in this area: Nicole Kidman. You see, Nicole is ghostly pale, much like myself, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about having that ~summer glow~. And good for her!

“People like Nicole Kidman have done a great job,” Jackman, 46, tells PEOPLE of his longtime friend and former Australia costar. “Nicole told me when she was a kid she used to be made fun of all the time in Australia because she used to stay in the shade and she had whiter skin. And no one is making fun of her now.”

“I’m really heartened to see in general the idea that to be sexy and beautiful you have to be tan is gone,” he says. “Nicole has the most beautiful skin.”

I wouldn’t necessarily say that no one’s making fun of her – assholes will always and forever exist, especially on the internet – but I get his drift. And it is nice to see that Nicole has refused to bow down to the Hollywood pressure of being tanned to the extreme. Like her, I burn to a crisp if I’m in the sun too long (though I’m not QUITE as Casper-like as she is) and I’ve never felt the need to be any different. I like to call it “Elizabethan beauty”… and hey, saving myself the skin cancer will be worth it. (And yes, I know that using sunscreen doesn’t preclude you from getting skin cancer, nor does sunbathing mean you’ll definitely get it, so relax.)

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Nicole Kidman in a bit of hot water over for endorsing a shitty airline

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman isn’t quite rich enough – she’s got millions, by why stop there when you can have… billions! (Insert Dr. Evil face here.) She recently picked up an endorsement gig for the elite Etihad Airways, the most popular airline of the United Arab Emirates, and you can probably safely assume that she’s making BANK on the deal. You know who’s not making bank in the worker’s rights area? The women who work for the airline. Rut roh.

The Association of Professional Flight Attendants wrote Nicole an open letter on Monday, asking her to end her involvement with Etihad since they’re well known for some messed up gender-discriminatory labour practices. The association’s national president, Laura R. Gading, talked about the “abusive” practices of the company, like firing women who became pregnant and making their female flight attendants “live in confinement in secure compounds”.

“We urge you, on behalf of the women and girls that you spoke of so eloquently, not to play a part in promoting Etihad Airways, a company that imposes abusive labor practices on its female employees and whose sole owner is a government that stands against the very world that you imagine.

“Using your profile and stature for such a noble endeavor is commendable. However, we believe those efforts are at odds with your prominent role in an advertising campaign for Etihad Airways.” 

The letter is actually much longer than that and worth reading, but unfortunately, I doubt it’ll make any difference to what Nicole Kidman does or doesn’t do. The check is written, the endorsement has been made. And let’s be honest – you know she didn’t look into anything before deciding to take the job. Her agent arranged it and told her how much she’d make and she signed on the dotted line. Done deal.

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Tom Cruise is a pervert, tapped Nicole Kidman’s phone for the sake of Scientology

tom cruise

Tom Cruise is the Church of Scientology‘s million dollar baby, if you will. He’s the face that holds the religion cult together, and they’d never want to mess that up, so they keep him on a tight leash. So much so, in fact, that Tom apparently allows the church to completely and entirely run his career and finances. Yikes!

A documentary called Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief premiered at Sundance over the weekend, based on the book of the same name by Lawrence Wright. The documentary revealed some pretty crazy shit about the Church in general and Tom Cruise in particular (especially in re: his marriage to Nicole Kidman) and The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on the 2 biggest things:

1. The Church of Scientology allegedly wiretapped Nicole Kidman’s phone. According to the film, Scientology was not keen on Tom Cruise’s marriage with Nicole Kidman because her father was a psychologist, making him an enemy in the church’s view. During the marriage, Cruise distanced himself from the church, particularly when the couple moved to England to shoot Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut. In its effort to bring Cruise back into the fold, the church made efforts to undermine the relationship and, at Cruise’s request, allegedly hired a private investigator to tap Kidman’s phones. The church also worked to turn the couple’s son and daughter against Kidman, convincing them that she was a “suppressive person.”

4. A former top Scientology official describes church leader David Miscavige as privately mocking Tom Cruise for his “perverted” sex life — but doesn’t elaborate. Several former officials describe Miscavige’s rise as church founder L. Ron Hubbard’s successor, and the film features abundant footage of him addressing the faithful at church gatherings. One striking example is Miscavige’s dramatic declaration of victory in Scientology’s battle with the IRS for nonprofit status, complete with a pyrotechnic display. Former church officials including Mike Rinder and Tom DeVocht then offer allegations of Miscavige’s increasing paranoia and abusiveness, recounting stories of beatings at his hands. They also describe their experiences in “The Hole,” a prison-like facility on the church’s property near the California town of Hemet, and tell how Miscavige forced them to play a crazed game of musical chairs to the tune of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Losers were supposed to be expelled from the church, but the former members say they were so brainwashed that they fought to remain despite the abuse. Miscavige relented and let them stay.

There were some other revelations, obviously, and while I couldn’t give less of a shit about Scientology, I would totally watch the documentary. It’s so crazy to me that we can recognize the insanity of shit like the Heaven’s Gate cult and stuff, but people still take Scientology seriously (I know you could make that argument for all religion, but I’ll just leave that here).

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Nicole Kidman is really glad she did ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ with Tom Cruise

nicole kidman

Nicole Kidman has been happily married to Keith Urban for many years now, and divorced from Tom Cruise for even longer. However, one thing they will always share – besides adopted children, that is – is their softcore porn roles in Stanley Kubrick‘s Eyes Wide Shut. Considered a cinematic masterpiece by some and an uncomfortable hot mess by others, the movie will live on in the annals of film for forever. And she’s pretty happy about that.

From Elle:

On Kubrick, Cruise and Eyes Wide Shut:

She credits the legendary Stanley Kubrick, who directed her and Cruise in 1999’s Eyes Wide Shut, for encouraging her: “He would always say, ‘You’re a character actress, Nicole. Don’t play leading ladies. Go and find the character roles.’” In fact, she says, she loved working with Kubrick so much that she didn’t mind the famously drawn-out, two-year shoot…and neither did her then husband. “We loved it. Everyone thought that was when our marriage started to break down—not at all. That movie was a great part of our life together, and I’m glad we have it.”

Huh, well good for them. But what does Keith think about the fact that his wife and her ex-husband are forever caught on film having sex? I mean, it’s a movie, of course, but that shit was real. Ah, well. Hopefully he’s secure enough to know that the past is the past.

Also, can we talk about what in Photoshop hell is going on with this cover shoot? It looks like someone got a bit too inspired by Powder and their hand slipped on the blur tool. None of it makes any sense. Nicole Kidman is (marginally) better than this.

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban did a duet and it was awkward

nicole kidman keith urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are husband and wife and family comes first. But you know what else comes first? Charity. They headed to Monash Children’s Hospital in Australia to visit with the sick kids there and put on a mini-concert for them. You know what’s coming: Nicole and Keith did a duet of ‘Amazing Grace’ for the kids. Was it the worst thing I’ve ever heard? No, but it does seem a bit awkward (though seriously, it was a really sweet gesture).

Here’s the statement the hospital wrote on their website following the visit:

Friday 13 June 2014 proved to be a very lucky day for the children at Monash Children’s Hospital who were visited by very special guests; Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban before they attended the Swisse Wellness Australia Celebrate Life Ball. Keith bought his guitar along and sang a heartfelt rendition of Amazing Grace to the patients, families and staff at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). He had some extra help with vocals thanks to Nicole and of course our incredible NICU staff. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Nicole, Keith and Swisse for lifting up the spirits of some our most deserving patients, families and staff. Se below for more coverage and photos.

And here’s the duet for your viewing pleasure:

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Did Nicole Kidman Get Breast Implants?


Nicole Kidman showed up to the the Celebrate Life Ball at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne with husband Keith Urban looking very chesty (above) on June 13, 2014. I think it’s fair to say this is definitely a new look for the actress, but is it implants or Hollywood magic? Here’s a shot of the lovely Ms. Kidman from August of 2013:


I think we can all agree there’s a noticeable difference. Maybe she feels she has to do something to raise her spirits after the takedown of her Grace Kelly movie, or at least get people talking about something else.

What do you guys think? Implants or some kind of padding? And does it work for her?

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Poor Nicole Kidman: Everyone really hates ‘Grace of Monaco’

nicole kidman

Last night was the premiere of Nicole Kidman‘s Grace Kelly biopic, Grace of Monaco, and suffice it to say, things did not go very well. In fact, they went terribly and pretty much every single film critic from every major publication panned the movie and Kidman’s performance in it. Oh, snap.

Here’s Newser‘s handy roundup of some of the worst feedback:

In an absolutely scathing review at the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw calls the biopic “a breathtaking catastrophe … a film so awe-inspiringly wooden that it is basically a fire-risk,” comparing it to “a 104-minute Chanel ad, only without the subtlety and depth.” A separate Guardian article rounds up similarly awful reviews and wonders, “Is there a critic who liked it?” Fox News‘ amusing headline take: “Grace of Monaco called a great comedy, which is bad, because it’s a drama.” (And yes, the article notes, there were “many audible laughs” during the screening.)

The Los Angeles Times notes that the premiere itself was “awkward,” thanks to a disagreement between the French filmmakers and the Weinstein Co., which is distributing the film in the US. Harvey Weinstein doesn’t like the French cut of the movie, which is what screened at Cannes, and he wasn’t even in attendance. The audience seemed to agree with him, the Times notes: “Cannes opening-night films tend to generate standing ovations of at least five or six minutes, but the clapping after this one was mostly polite, and it was over after a brief two.” Also adding to the drama: Princess Grace’s children have called the movie a “farce,” USA Today notes. But Kidman is standing behind the film, telling the BBC she doesn’t regret the role.

To be fair, this movie wasn’t meant to see the light of day, and at this rate, it probably shouldn’t have. Nicole Kidman has stood behind the project and has insisted that she doesn’t regret taking on the part, but oh man, you know she totally does.

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