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Palace of Monaco Vs. Nicole Kidman On Grace Kelly Movie

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco

Nicole Kidman‘s Grace Kelly biopic has been pushed back, then held off indefinitely, and now it’s got another setback — the Palace of Monaco is completely against it. From The Daily Mail:

Nicole Kidman was set to shine playing Grace Kelly in the yet-to-be-released biopic Grace Of Monaco, but in yet another setback for the movie the Palace of Monaco has slammed it as a ‘farce’.

[…] ‘The Prince’s Palace would like to reiterate that this feature film cannot under any circumstances be classified as a biopic,’ it read.

The trailer appears to be a farce and confirms the totally fictional nature of this film. It reinforces the certainty, left after reading the script, that this production, a page of the Principality’s history, is based on erroneous and dubious historical references.’

The statement goes on to accuse the film’s directors and producers of ‘refusing’ to take into consideration: ‘observations made by the Palace because these called into question the entire script and the characters of the film’.

‘The Princely Family does not in any way wish to be associated with this film, which reflects no reality and regrets that Its history has been misappropriated for purely commercial purposes,’ it concludes.

“The Princely Family” makes me chuckle.

Hey Nicole, I guess this means you’ll never be royyyyaaaals.

Honestly though, I feel kind of bad for her. This film was supposed to be her big Oscar comeback and it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen, plus everyone keeps saying she’s too old to play the part. What do you think?

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