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Why Did Ben Affleck Get Banned From The Hard Rock Casino?


It sounds like the set up to a joke: why did Ben Affleck get banned from the Hard Rock Casino? But it’s not and here’s the answer: for counting cards. How do you like them apples?

From Hollywood Life:

A new report claims that on April 29, the Oscar winner was accused of counting cards at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and subsequently banned.

Here’s how it went down. Ben was busy playing an intense round of blackjack when security guards suddenly approached the actor and accused him of card counting, according to Radar Online. So shocking, right?

Counting cards is NOT illegal in Vegas, but it is totally frowned upon. The offense usually results in the gambler being kicked out of a casino, but Ben was punished way harder than that — he was BANNED for life by the Hard Rock!

It goes on to say that even though he was banned for life, he totally didn’t let it ruin his day. Awww! How nice.

What do you think: should he have gotten kicked out and banned for life?

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  • He never struck me as someone smart enough to be able to count to more than ten let alone counting cards in a casino BUT if Joe Public gets the boot for counting cards I’m glad they did the same to him.

  • I think he is just banned from playing blackjack there again, not from the whole casino.

    • Maybe but they usually boot you out and Ur name goes on a list that is distributed to all the casinos. BUT Mr Aflleck will probably get the kid gloves banning

  • Casinos are in the business of taking your money, not allowing someone with skill to take THEIR money. Unless he was using some device or other people to “help” him, all they can do is ask him to leave if they suspect he’s counting cards.