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The Trailer For Nicole Kidman’s Grace Kelly Movie Is Out

nicole kidman princess grace film

Nicole Kidman is a controversial choice for the upcoming Grace Kelly biopic. Controversial for a few reasons, but it seems like the main one is that she’s too old. But it should be noted that the movie isn’t covering the Princess of Monaco’s entire life; it’s mostly about her later years as princess, for which I think Ms. Kidman is well suited.

But see the teaser trailer for yourself and let me know what you think.

It’s time to get ready for the battle of the princess biopics. Kidman’s pal, Naomi Watts, is playing Princess Diana an upcoming film that also drew criticism for its leading lady casting choice.

Would you see Grace of Monaco based on this teaser?

nicole kidman grace kelly movie

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  • I really don’t get why 2 actresses who are so talented are playing these roles other than for the money. Both of them are two old, but NK is REALLY too old. I think it will lower their prestige.

  • No I won’t…mostly because it just looks like a movie about nicole kidman. Nicole kidman looks like nicole kidman, not grace kelly. My brain would hurt too much trying to pretend otherwise.