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Are Demi Moore’s Daughters Getting a Restraining Order Against Their Mom?

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One would think that in the wake of some pretty serious public family drama that one (or a few) wouldn’t be so keen to ax off a member of your family (especially a other), but then, one (or a few) would need more than three brain cells a piece to draw the conclusion that pettiness sometimes has adverse effects, then finding out someone’s gone forever and after that, nothing changes.

God. Some people are just so stupid.

A new report says that Demi‘s three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout, are considering getting a restraining order against their mother, who—gasp!—is trying to contact them in order to repair whatever brokenness is happening in their relationship.

The source at Radar Online says:

“Rumer, Scout and Tallulah are seriously considering taking out a restraining order against Demi to stop her from contacting them. They made it clear to her weeks ago that they do not want to talk to her right now but she is still trying to contact them. … Demi has been calling them incessantly and emailing them, leaving them tearful messages and begging them to call her and the girls are sick of it. It is a really drastic measure and not something they are considering lightly but they just feel like they want some peace and quiet.”

To me it just looks like the three young girls are being ungrateful little bitches and trying to bail on one too-obviously disturbed mother who probably hasn’t even been the worst mother in the world at all. To take the time to even talk to their mom, to try to work through their problems would probably cut in on precious f-cking scrubby-looking young men, posing nude, and trying to sing their way (in a sub-par way) to stardom, and heaven forbid they stop their bid for undue fame for forty f-cking seconds.

I’m just thankful that my little family unit is far, far away from the glare of the Hollywood spotlight, or really, any spotlight whatsoever. People can be so f-cked up when they know everyone’s watching, you know?

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  • This post is extremely presumptuous of you. There’s really no way at all for you to know what is going on with them right now and making assumptions and insulting people who are going through something personal is a bit disappointing.

    • Oh please. Let’s not even pretend that these young, impressionable girls, who, up to this point, have admitted to have had a relatively healthy upbringing, wouldn’t be completely fucking devastated (or even upset) if their mother offed herself or died of the stress that she’s so obviously going through right now. Let’s be realistic. People are way too selfish, and it often comes back to bite them in the ass. Sage Stallone and his father. Case in point.

    • Was there a sale on high horses or something? There have been an awful lot of holier-than-thous around here the last month or so.

  • if this is true, it sounds like a very sad cry for help.. they really shouldn’t ignore the call.

  • sarah’s a mean judgmental bitch – that’s her job! that’s why we come to this site, right?

  • I totally agree with Sarah. Their Mom has had a really difficult time and she should be able to count on her daughters to be there for her. Even if she’s being horrible and difficult, getting a restraining order against her would probably devastate her and make everything so much worse.

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