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Tallulah Willis Has A (New) Boyfriend!

photo of tallulah willis boyfriend pics
And this is he! And this is what Tallullah herself is looking like all up-close these days!

photo of tallulah willis up close pics
Whoa. Not so good on both counts, there, huh? Yes, Tallulah Willis has her first public boyfriend at the ripe old age of eighteen. First, I cannot believe that this girl’s eighteen, and second, that she has such horrifically awful taste in young men. Oh dear.

From People:

Willis, 18, stepped out on Thursday afternoon with Lucas Vercetti, the bleach blonde manager of the Odd Future pop-up shop in Los Angeles.

The duo showed some PDA while strolling arm-in-arm through Beverly Hills, with Willis at one point hiding behind her man and giggling when caught by paparazzi.

Vercetti, on the other hand, had no problem being recognized. Rocking a pair of old-school Vans and a T-shirt, he was photographed raising his hands in the air like he didn’t have a care.

Oh. My God. Really? This is the kind of kid that a daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore brings home? Wait. Scratch that. This is the kind of kid that a daughter of two good-looking people bring home? In what world? And can I just say that this kid’s all sorts of gross? This is the kind of kid that I avoided like the plague when I was young and impressionable (well, after I moved in with a kid like that when I was eighteen and learned my lesson the f-cking hard way. The F-CKING hard way). Tallulah’s been around bad decision-making for some time now. You’d think she’d have this kind of business out of her system already.

Anyway. NEXT.

Images courtesy of X17

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