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Wait, Is This Illegal?

photo of black and white scout willis assless chaps pictures photos
Oh, no, sorry, this one‘s 20 years old. My bad. But really, the only one I don’t confuse in the Willis/Moore daughtership is Rumer, because she looks way different than the other two. It’s Talullah and Scout that I mix up, and this is Scout. (Talullah is the underage one, the one that’s going to go buckwild at any second.) I’m wondering if this is retaliation for Ashton Kutcher effing up their tight little singing duo family unit.

In any case, I’m not a fan of the look. She reminds me of this hot mess of a girl that I used to be in a cover band with. Without fail, the chick’d get wasted at every show, and end up doing something really stupid and embarrassing like tripping over the floor monitors and eating floor in front of the club-goers. Or, like that one time, pass out so hard in the bathroom that her dumb ass had to be dragged out into the parking lot for air, only to find out she wasn’t breathing. Let me tell you, I just love mouth-to-mouth on the ground outside of a dirty bar in the middle of frozen January. On a questionable girl. CIVIC DUTIES, folks.

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