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And Now Courtney Stodden Is Cheating on Doug Hutchison

A photo of Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison

Can someone please tell me just what the hell this world is coming to? A couple of weeks ago I had to tell you that those crazy kids, Katy Perry and Russell Brand, are totally over, and about five seconds ago I had to break the awful news to you guys that Heidi Klum is apparently planning on filing for divorce from her beautiful husband, Seal, and NOW I’m here to tell you that there’s a new rumor that Courtney Stodden is cheating on her one true love, Doug Hutchison? How much can the heart take before it just stops working? Is this what happened to Sinead O’Connor?

Anyway, here’s the rumor, which we can read together before we discuss, all right?

They’ve only been married for 8 months, but could 17-year-old Courtney Stodden already be cheating on 51-year-old Doug Hutchison?

According to post on, Stodden “wasn’t a virgin when she married her D-list Doug. One of her confirmed boyfriends is Josh Ramsey. She still to this day has sex with him. He went to visit her recently and drove past his own sister’s house, just to visit Courtney for the day. You can see by the photos that the picture in the bedroom is clearly an after-sex photo.”

Wow, that’s a bold claim, but not one RumorFix is willing to accept without further research! So we reached out to the blond bombshell’s momager Krista Keller who tells us exclusively, “Josh was her boyfriend, they dated for a little bit but then realized they were better as friends. They’re like brother and sister. Josh works with Courtney’s dad so they’re together 24/7 and he came down to California with Court’s dad to come visit.” As for the scandalous photo, the country singer’s mom tell us it was taken in Doug and Courtney’s home, and she was there for the photo and it was completely innocent.

But did the 17-year-old really do the dirty with the guy in the photo? “Absolutely not”, Keller assures us. “She was a virgin. Doug knows she was a virgin, trust me there are ways to know when you take someone’s virginity, need I say more?!”

The photo in question, though?

A photo of Courtney Stodden

What do you guys think? Is Courtney a cheater? Could she really do this to her doting husband? Couldn’t you see this couple being one of those couples where “it’s totally cool if you do some other dude, babe, as long as I get to watch”? Are you as creeped out by that thought as I am?

Also, Courtney Stodden’s mom, you guys. Gross. I know this lady has never really seemed like Mother of the Year material, but slow your roll, eldest Ms. Stodden, and please stop making public comments on your 17-year-old daughter’s vagina.

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  • I want to point out that her bodyguard looks alot like a kid in her older pics “pre doug”. If you want to look for yourself there are pics of her at a place called big daddy and also ones where she is carring a pepsi cup with a guy she seems very close with and he looks very much like her” bodyguard”. My opinion is hes not around to keep her safe. Honestly that kid would be snapped like a tooth pick. Come on now, does she really think people are that stupid!!!!!

  • If this is really a recent picture, then I would have to say that I believe she’s cheating. What man would let his wife pose half naked with another man like that in their home, with him right there??? Mom was there too and didn’t say ” Put on some clothes because you have male company, dear.” I don’t believe that the two of them never had sex and she walked around looking like a sex toy all the time. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  • After suffering mentally and psychology for many years with her dumb mother ignoring reality.. and now marrying the old geyser.. who cares.. Doug’s probably happy he doesn’t have to hear her whiny voice and suffer the tic’s.. handicapped challenged poses and comic-rubbery faces, while she tries to appear sessy for a few hours. Not like he is a normal morally fit and sound man sashaying around with her dressed like a slutty teen to get attention.

  • her entire persona is about being over sexualized, have you ever seen a photo of her that wasnt inappropriate? i’m not surprised at all that she looks like she just had sex because she always looks like that.

  • i don’t think they just had sex, i think she just ganged banged randoms in the park and he’s taking a picture with her afterward.

  • She is 17! It would be pretty normal for her to be hooking up with people nearer her own age.

    @lemacl is right – there are no recent photos of her that are not over-sexualized and inappropriate so why expect that her behavior would reflect anything less? That is her whole schtick.

  • Krista is really bad about how she runs around trying to stomp out fires. She really thinks her over-sexed little darling tells her EVERYTHING? Yeah, Krista, teenagers tell their parents everything. We know it was a ‘gimmick’ to sell her to Doug. Now she’s trying to tell people Josh is GAY, and therefore they could not have had sex. She lamely attempts to use words to re-paint any scenario, no matter how lame the explanation sounds. Krista has long allowed her to date much older men…you think NONE of them talked their way into her dim-witted daughter’s panties? Now the one who tried to claim she is so bullied is, with a few equally young and dumb fans, doing the bullying, making racist and homophobic remarks, demanding others cease their freedom of speech because it is ruining the fantasy they’re trying to paint. She then removes her comments on “Courtney Stodden Needs More Drugs”, thinking it makes it go away. They are too dumb to realize that every comment she posts is also sent to people’s inboxes, and it is also screen-capped. She knows that in 2-1/2 months, she is no longer the ‘child bride’, etc. She’s an adult and there will be even less interest in her than now.

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