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Michelle Williams, New Face Of Louis Vuitton — What Do We Think?

michelle williams louis vuitton

Michelle Williams, not the Destiny’s Child one, is the new face of Louis Vuitton.

Previous faces of the brand include Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lopez, and Gisele Bundchen.

michelle williams louis vuitton

What do we think? I think she looks gorgeous but the ad is so boring and I like how in the top one she’s leaning on the bag as if it’s a chair or something. Like, yeah, we all just casually lean against our handbags.

Here’s a spoof Louis Vuitton ad someone made using a photo of Lohan in court:

lindsay lohan fake louis vuitton ad

Brilliant. I like this so much better than the real campaign.

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  • She looks fabulous. The Lindsay spoof is hysterical. Lindsay is the next Alec Baldwin or whatever that drug addict from some sitcom’s name was….

  • I love her look, love the bag, I’d love to see the other images. Unlikely pairing, following in the steps of Jolie, but it seems like perfection.

  • totally gorgeous. i hate this brand, but she makes that bag look so good. LOL @ lindsanity!

  • Love LV, love michelle. But I like La Lohan LV campaign in the court room better. If only that Lohan LV bag is on up position rather than lying on the table