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Gisele Bundchen

Pics: Gisele Bundchen got a buzz cut for Balenciaga


Gisele Bundchen is one of the most successful supermodels in the world and is known for her incredible beauty – and her long, gorgeous hair. Well, you can say goodbye to the latter – she’s shaved it off into a buzz cut for a new Balenciaga campaign. They must’ve been paying her a pretty penny for that shit!

I guess the one positive thing here is that she can just get up and go in the mornings, now. Considering she doesn’t even own a hairbrush, I’m sure she’s not that bothered about her new ‘do. After all, it’s just hair – it grows back.

What do you think? Does she pull it off?

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Gisele Bundchen Doesn’t Own a Hairbrush


Gisele Bundchen is widely known to be one of the most beautiful and physically flawless women in the world, right? I assume that’s why it’s major news that she’s come out and claimed that she doesn’t actually own a hairbrush – especially since she was recently named the new face of Pantene haircare products. Yikes!

From The AP (via DS):

“In my job you have to remember people are brushing my hair every day. You have to remember the last thing I want [on a day off] is a brush in my hair!”

“Products are amazing but if you are putting things that are unhealthy inside your body it’s just masking stuff. I haven’t drank soda in ten years. My kids eat what I eat. The first [solid] food my son had was papaya and then avocado.

Bundchen added that her children have strong taste preferences, explaining: “He loves garlic because we eat a lot of garlic in our house. Even my little daughter, she will not eat anything unless there’s garlic. Garlic and ginger. They really eat what I eat.”

Huh, well… fair enough. I don’t think anyone would dare criticise Gisele’s health and fitness routines, considering. And shit, if that’s how her hair looks WITHOUT a hairbrush on her days off, I think we’re all in trouble. I would just look like a giant frizzball. You go, Gisele. It really brings a whole new meaning to Beyoncé‘s ‘***Flawless’:


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