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Gisele Bundchen Wants Women to Have Home Births if They So Choose

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From the Mail:

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has used her blog to promote natural child birth. The 32-year-old, who is currently expecting her second child to NFL star Tom Brady, has commissioned a new blog post that supports a woman’s right to a drug-free labour.

The post, written by midwife Mayra Calvette who has spoken on behalf of the five-ft 11-in model in previous blog posts, is titled Gentle Birth: This Is The Way! It discusses a woman’s decision to give birth in her home while being cared for ‘by doulas, midwives and obstetric nurses’.

The blog post, seen on, was sparked last month after the Regional Council of Medicine of Rio de Janeiro’s banned the involvement of obstetricians in residential births. The decision also prohibited the use of doulas and midwives during hospital births.

The post by Ms Calvette, who was present when the model gave birth to her first child Benjamin Rein Brady in December, 2009, reads: ‘These resolutions disregard the most current scientific evidence, the recommendations of WHO and the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, these resolutions do not respect the right of freedom of choice of women, families and from the professionals themselves.’

It aims to discourage the rest of Brazil from following suit with such bans. Ms Calvette, an advocate for the home birth renaissance, delves into the extensive research she has conducted during a project titled the Birth Around The World Project.

‘I traveled through several countries, meeting different cultures and birth models that work,’ she wrote. ‘I realised that the most socially developed countries tend to offer a humane and woman-centered care. Pregnant women have the right to choose their companions during childbirth… have the same room for labour, birth and post partum… and can deny any procedure with her and her baby.’

She visited England, Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden and New Zealand during her research trip.

The supermodel wrote on her blog in January: ‘When Mayra told me her idea about the [project] I thought it was a beautiful idea and knew that it would be really cool if she could share a little bit of this journey on my blog. I had the opportunity to experience the natural process of birth and it was one of the most life changing experiences for me and very very special!’

The Brazilian stunner, who married her quarterback husband in 2009, is not the first model to have publicly endorsed all-natural births.

Miranda Kerr sparked headlines last month after telling Harper’s Bazaar UK that she opted against epidural anesthesia when she gave birth to her son Flynn. The 29-year-old Victoria’s Secret star told the magazine that she decided to perform a natural birth after watching baby-bonding videos which showed that newborns go straight for the breast if they are without the medication. attracted a heated discussion, with one mother posting: ‘Being a supermodel doesn’t make you an expert.’

So as it turns out, OBs can’t doctor at a home, and doulas and/or midwives can’t doctor in hospitals in South America. Which, of course, is crap, because I, too, agree that a woman should be able to make the decision to birth her child in any which *safe* environment she chooses. I’m not always on the Gisele Boat, because I find that if often floats and covers quite a bit of ground on its own hot-ass air, but I totally agree with girlfriend on this.

What I do want to disagree with, however, is the side-note that the Mail added about Miranda Kerr’s anti-drug birthing comments that were made a few months ago. See, I’m really glad that Miranda was able to push out a kid without suffering any complications that would render a C-section necessary, because I just can’t imagine what kind of shape poor Miranda would be in if she had to undergo a C-section without any kind of medication or anesthesia.

That’s all I’ve got.

That, and go Gisele!

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  • I saw Dr Lisa on “The Doctors” go off at a water-birth advocate. She was wagging her finger in the woman’s face and everything. She also produced a fish tank full of murky brown water and with a babydoll floating in it, and said (approx) “This is the blood and pooh that your baby is born in when you give birth in a tub.” It was gross. That’s one way of birthing that I would steer away from. :)

    • Well but isn’t the baby already floating in blood when it’s in the uterus? And the poo, don’t they poo in there as well?

      • They’re floating in their mothers poo in a bath. I think they said it was potentially a germ hazard, because they take it into their mouths and airways. They don’t breath in while in the womb of course.

  • Re: Miranda. I hate women who deride other people’s decisions during childbirth. It’s such a personal moment, and nobody knows what positiong you’re in but you. A + for you if you didn’t need any drugs and it didn’t hurt, but what the hell do you know about someone else’s birthing experience?? Pppfffff. Also, I’m surprised for this once I agree with Gisele.

  • I agree Sarah, but I’m sure this will meet resistance. Most Americans dont understand that childbirth is not, in itself, a medical event. It can, however, become a medical event very quickly. My wife had a midwife for both pregnancies, most people we told assumed we had no medical insurance and therefore couldn’t pay for a “real” dr. Such is the mentality of central Indiana.

  • I had an epidural with both of my children and they went for the breast immediately after birth. I had no problems bonding with either one of them. While I don’t disagree with home birth or natural childbirth I think some of the arguments used against births with medication can come from ill-informed people and from personal opinions rather than fact. And, yes, I do realize it goes both ways.

  • Tbh, I think Miranda is speaking out about using no medication to impress people. She goes on and on and on and on about it. Like she wants us to know she can take pain and is an amazing cool woman because of it. Mention it once; ok. Mention it 289838539 times.. NO. Then it’s just bragging or trying to prove a point. My mom went through 3 medication-free labors and she doesn’t feel like mentioning it everywhere and everytime, so why does Miranda feel like she needs to do that?
    Also the non-bonding when on medication? Never heard of this. Guess it’s just another way/tactic to bring up her medication-free birth, so she can brag about it again. She does sound like a dumbass though, very uninformed.
    Giselle comes off snotty and ‘I know it all better’ most of the time, but do agree with her on this subject, women should be able to make their own choices when it comes to giving birth.

  • I’m an ob/gyn, and like someone said earlier, it is not true. If you have an epidural, if there is nothing complicated with the birth or no reason that the baby needs extra attention, then the baby can go straight to your skin/on your chest after being born and cord is cut.

    And yes, babies can “poo” inside your uterus before being born, and if your water breaks and it’s not clear but greenish/murky, then we call the meconium and we call NICU to be present for the birth. This can be natural but also risks the baby aspirating the material into their lungs.

    I’m all for natural births/drug free births/water births, whatever. It’s a woman’s personal choice, but I see no reason to talk trash about any method. There is no certain path with delivery and things can at any time take a turn for the worse even if the whole pregnancy was uncomplicated. Some babies just do not tolerate labor well. In light of that, I personally feel it is safer to give birth in a medical facility where you have access to quick attention of MDs and c-sections in case things do not go as planned.

    • Hunh. I thought that babies digestive system wasn’t enabled as they weren’t being fed food. I thought the mother’s digestive system absorbed the waste and passed it out.

      I did know that they urinate as that is a function of kidneys; but urine is fairly sterile.

      Isn’t it when the babies are under stress that they excrete meconium? (In the womb well before birth.) That isn’t feces though. I actually thought it was fairly sterile too as the kid’s digestive system hasn’t been primed by flora (if you want to consider bacterium flora). That’s why newborn’s waste doesn’t smell for a bit. I guess they might pass it during birth too.

      Don’t they test meconium for fetal alcohol syndrome and drugs? I remember reading that someplace.

      As for a natural birthing experience … I’d rather dodge gunfire (yes, really. I’ve been shot at.) than to get in the middle of THAT discussion!

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