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Details on Natalie Portman’s Wedding

A photo of Natalie Portman

From People:

The wedding between Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied reflected not just the bride’s Jewish faith and the groom’s French nationality, but also the couple’s outlook on the world.

Instead of having flowers flown in, the ceremony featured wildflowers indigenous to the Big Sur coast where the ceremony took place, and instead of “fish or steak” the menu was strictly vegan in keeping with the bride’s diet.

Portman, 31, chose a traditional white gown from Rodarte, the same house that made the purple dress that Portman wore to the 2010 Oscars, and wore a crown of white wildflowers in her hair. The groom, 35, wore a midnight blue tux.

The 45-minute ceremony, said to be designed and coordinated by LA-based wedding planners Yifat Oren and Stefanie Cove, took place on a bluff overlooking the ocean and under a rustic Jewish chuppah made of twigs. They were surrounded by family – including 14-month-old son Aleph – and friends, including Ivanka Trump and Macaulay Culkin.

During the ceremony, the couple were wrapped in a tallits, a Jewish prayer shawl, and in keeping with custom, things ended with Millepied smashing a glass to shouts of “Mazel Tov!”

The reception was held under a tent at a private residence, and featured a Klezmer band. The newly married couple kicked the dancing off with a 20-minute hora dance before being lifted up in chairs by guests.

Eschewing the traditional wedding cake, the couple opted for French macarons.

When things wrapped up around 2 a.m., the approximately 100 guests took home packets of wildflower seeds as party favors. The packets were inscribed with a single word: “Merci.”

Doesn’t that all just sound so lovely? I’m just now starting to think about my own wedding, you know, beyond “nnnngh, wedding,” and it’s hard. I’ve got a pretty solid idea of what I want my dress to look like, and I think we’ve pretty much picked the venue, but everything else just seems overwhelming. Natalie‘s wedding sounds like a beautiful affair though, and it sounds really cohesive, like it had a theme but not in a tacky way. I’m sure having all the Jewish tradition to work with helps a lot, but man, I wish this girl could give me some tips.

Also, she’s still so, so gorgeous. Am I right?

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  • Yuck. The dress looks like something her Mother borrowed from a co-worker for Nats first communion. (I know from experience) She could do so much better.

  • The wedding sounds lovely and although the dress is cute, I think she could’ve done better. Much better.

  • That…dress…BLOWS!!!! Natalie Portman could have picked any other dress and looked great. Instead, she picked the one dress in the universe that makes her look like a 40 year old PTA mother. I hate to say anything bad about her and I’m sure she thought it was lovely, but that A-line dress!!!!! Yuck.

  • Yeah have to agree…that dress is the most unflattering thing I’ve ever seen. Idc if its ‘rodarte’ or w/e.