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Macaulay Culkin Put Down The Heroin Long Enough to Attend Natalie Portman’s Wedding

A photo of Macaulay Culkin

That picture, by the way, isn’t recent, it’s from two years ago. I just got sick of using that sad picture of the skinny, strung out (allegedly) Macaulay Culkin. But also, it has Kieran Culkin in the background there, and Kieran is by far my favorite Culkin.

But anyway, here’s that news about how Macaulay showed up at Natalie Portman‘s wedding:

Macaulay Culkin wasn’t home alone on Saturday night.

The reclusive 31-year-old actor was among the 100 guests at Natalie Portman’s wedding to Benjamin Millepied at a private residence in Big Sur, Calif., a source confirms to Us Weekly.

Both former child stars, the actor and Oscar-winner Portman, also 31, have been “friends for years,” another insider explained to Us, and he was spotted hanging out with the actress and her son Aleph, now 13 months, back in February.

Oh god, Natalie let Macaulay hang around her son? I hope she didn’t leave him alone with him. He probably slipped the kid a sip of Red Bull. Ugh, can you imagine?

And also, no, I still haven’t seen a picture of Natalie Portman’s wedding dress. Like, none. I haven’t even seen a picture of like a shoe or a tiara or even a dumb old chair from the ceremony. This is bullshit.

UPDATE (made five minutes after I wrote this): Just kidding!

A photo of Natalie Portman

Ugh.  So gorgeous.

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  • That can’t be the dress she wore, can it? That A-line mess makes a beautiful woman look like a geeky, nerdy odd mess!

    • At a religious Jewish ceremony a woman needs to dress modest – cover everything from collar bones to over the knee, no cleavage/shoulders/back exposed. So yes, this may very likely be the dress she wore. What makes me wonder is the question if Benjamin is Jewish. If he is not, how on earth did she get a Jewish wedding?

      • It is always strongly discouraged, however Jews marry a gentile (provided she’s orthodox, which I believe she is) she can’t have a Jewish ceremony and no Orthodox Rabbi would touch it. Reform Rabbis sometimes make an inter-faith marriage, but it is very rare (and she’s not reform). I’ve been checking the internets and there is a rumour floating about that he converted, which would make him reform (as that’s the only conversion that takes a year only) but it’s not confirmed yet. Very odd…

      • Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR). One of them probably performed the ceremony. Around half of them do so for interfaith couples.

        I get the impression, from my research, that CCAR is the Unitarianism of Judaism.

        So, yes, they would marry her.

      • Yeah, that’s possible – I’m in London and in the UK Judaism is very traditional, I’m not at all informed about modern movements in the US. Thanks for that, I’ll have a look!