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Natalie Portman

Hey, Natalie Portman Doesn’t Like Snobs, Okay?

natalie portman

Natalie Portman has been pretty quiet lately – I suppose she’s busy raising her baby and having a husband and a normal life. However, she’s getting back into the swing of things with Thor: The Dark World, and in a new interview with Marie Claire, she aired some important thoughts about blockbuster films. You see, Natalie is frustrated that people discount massive box office movies, because that’s snobby – and if there’s one thing she hates, it’s snobs.

“I grew up around a lot of snobbism about what was important and what was serious, and I really reject that.”

Huh, well, fair enough. She also doesn’t mind meeting fans – so long as they’re not drunk or high at the time:

“People are really cool, by and large. I try and stay away from drunk people – that’s when they start getting rude and aggressive, like, ‘Why did you suck in that movie?’”

Ha! Years ago, in about 2005, I was working at Whole Foods and Natalie came in with a few friends. At the time I was directing the flow of traffic because it was close to Thanksgiving and PACKED, so we had to segment the lines. When Natalie’s friends tried to move forward, I was like, “Uh, NO. You gotta wait.” Then I noticed Natalie and I totally let them go. WHATEVER, you’d do it too! I don’t even know why I did – it was like a mechanism in my brain switched and I was like, oh, it’s a celebrity. Let her go. Newsflash: she is TINY. Like, child sized.

Anyway, I wouldn’t let anyone – Natalie or otherwise – cut the lines these days. I also wouldn’t work at Whole Foods ever again. We all change.

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Is Natalie Portman Too Old To Play A Teenager?

natalie portman grocery store

Natalie Portman apparently signed on to Dare Me, a film described as “Heathers meets Fight Club with teenager cheerleaders” (from Deadline via Huffington Post). There’s no word on who Ms. Portman would play or anything about her character. Though the film centers on teenagers, it seems unlikely she would play one, as she is now 32. However, her Oscar winning role in Black Swan was that of a early-to-mid 20 something, so I guess anything is possible. Here are some older actresses who have played teens:

– Stockard Channing was 34 in Grease.

– Ari Graynor was 25 in Nick And Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

– Ann-Marget was 22 playing a 15 year-old in Bye Bye Birdie.

Stacey Dash was 29 when she did Clueless.

Calista Flockhart was 31 playing an 18 year-old in The Birdcage.

and the biggest one of all, to me:

– Rose McIver was 22 playing a 13 year-old in The Lovely Bones.


What do you think? Could Natalie Portman still play a teenager?

L’Oreal Tattled On Natalie Portman

natalie portman dior mascara ad

L’Oreal UK cosmetics got all Mean Girls and tattled on Natalie Portman for her Dior ad. It isn’t that Ms. Portman had an exclusive contract for L’Oreal. It’s that L’Oreal, thinking of Dior as its competition, felt the need to get the ad pulled. And they found a way. They got in touch with U.K.’s Advertising Standards Agency and told them that Dior’s mascara ad is “misleadingly exaggerating the effects of the product.” And the ASA agreed. More from NY Mag:

Parfums Christian Dior said the ad had originally been intended to promote a lipstick, but that plans changed once they realized just how nice Natalie’s eyes looked. Post-shoot, the brand’s retouchers then got to work to “separate/increase the length and curve of a number of her lashes and to replace/fill a number of missing or damaged lashes, for a more stylised, uniform and tidy effect.”

The ASA found no fault with the image on its own, but said that the retouching meant buyers could have had unrealistic expectations when juxtaposed with the ad’s claims of providing “an unrivalled lash creator effect” and a “spectacular volume-multiplying effect” … even though they didn’t, it would seem. And so the ad can’t be published again until sufficient clarifications are made.

L’Oreal UK is being SO Regina George about this. Seriously. It’s like that scene in Mean Girls when Gretchen freaks out over not being able to wear her silver hoop earrings because Regina also has silver hoop earrings and she wants to be the only one wearing them.