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FASHION: The 5 Best Dressed at the 2012 Met Gala

photo of carey mulligan met gala pictures
Every year the Met Gala happens in New York City, and every year it’s the same thing: super-big-name celebrities are invited gratis, and other, more fledging celebrities have to pay through the nose to secure admission (no joke—Kate Upton paid $25k for her ticket and she does CAT DADDY), and you have good fashion and bad fashion and not a whole lot in between. The event’s always cool, though, because you get to see the best and the worst of celebrity fashion and this year was no exception.

In today’s list, we have Jessica Biel, who wouldn’t be on this list if it weren’t for her engagement to Justin Timberlake (that’s actually not true, but it’s probably how she feels about the situation); Emma Stone, who looks like every little-girl-who-prefers-red-instead-of-pink’s fairy princess come true; Marion Cotillard and bangs that are as short and choppy as that one time when I cut my own with meat scissors back in after I saw them on some girl on E! on wine night—only difference is they look good on her; Gisele Bundchen, who can barely do any wrong (’til she opens her mouth, anyway); and Camilla Belle, who is really coming into her own and looking fierce as hell.

Honorable mention? Carey Mulligan, up top. Not many people can pull off a dress that says, “No, don’t look at me—look at you!”

#5 – Jessica Biel
photo of jessica biel met gala 2012 pics

#4 – Gisele Bundchen
photo of gisele bundchen 2012 met gala pics

#3 – Marion Cotillard
photo of marion cotillard pictures met gala pic

#2 – Emma Stone
photo of emma stone 2012 met gala pics

#1 – Camilla Belle
photo of camilla belle pictures met gala pic
Who looked the best?


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  • Emma Stone looks terrible – the blue nails, the hair…and the shape of the dress is awful – I think if it were more fitted on top then the big hips would be more artsy and less plain-old unflattering. But right now she just looks like a fuzzy paper doll.

  • Camilla’s lipstick color is much too dark. Jessica Biel’s dress could work well, but that hair really does not suit her.

  • Camilla is right on the money. She looks fantastic and actually pulled off the dark brows and dramatic lip look with her dress. A++++.

  • This might be the first time I have ever complimented Jessica Biel but I want her dress and her hair!

  • That red dress is stupid. Cotillard’s dress is just ugly. I don’t want to look like I’m coming out of a sardine can like Mulligan and, sorry, Jessica Biel’s hair is horrible and her make-up (lack of) is almost as bad and her dress looks like a tablecloth my grandmother had. Gisele and Camilla just look like they’re going to Vegas instead of the Met. Florence (of the Machine) looked like an extra from Moulin Rouge.

  • Camilla’s dress was perfect for her body type. Her make up ruined the whole thing. But I do think she was best dressed.

    And Jessica Biel- I just don’t think she has any fashion sense what-so-ever. That hair is just bad.