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Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan Is Pregnant With Her First Child

carey mulligan

We haven’t talked about Carey Mulligan around here in quite a while – the last time was, in fact, when she was supposed to be playing Hillary Clinton in a biopic about the politician’s life, which I don’t think ever actually happened (probably for the best). We didn’t even report when she got married to Mumford & Sons member Marcus Mumford back in April 2012, and shame on us. But that’s all neither here nor there. The important news we ARE reporting on now is that Carey is pregnant and the pair are expecting their first child together later this year!

One Broadway source tells Us of the couple: “They weren’t planning on announcing, but she hasn’t stopped working. Everybody around her is being very supportive. The show ends soon and they’re going back to England after.”

Carey’s currently in Skylight on Broadway, if you’re wondering what that connection is.

In any case, congrats to the happy couple. Carey’s always seemed sorta as dull as dishwater to me in a way, but I suppose that’s just what they call “understated” and she is really talented.

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Carey Mulligan As Hillary Clinton? Probably The Best Choice Yet

carey mulligan hillary clinton movie

There was all kinds of nonsense that Scarlett Johansson was in the running to play Hillary Rodham Clinton, which is ridiculous for so many reasons, but I think the most important reason to remember is that Ms. Johansson really can’t act worth a damn. Lost In Translation? Great. Any role more complicated than Lost In Translation? Not so great. Her facial expressions are dull and her line delivery is like hearing the beautiful, majestic orcas cooing under the ocean.

According to The Hollywood ReportCarey Mulligan is the latest rumored pick for Hillary movie, and I think it’s the best one yet. Girl looks way more like Hillary than Scarlett and unlike Scarlett, she’s got that whole acting thing down.

I wonder if this all has to do with Ms. Mulligan just signing on to WME from CAA?

Best And Worse Of Cannes Film Festival Fashion 2013

cannes great gatsby

Cannes film festival is going on right now in France and everyone is GLAMMED THE HELL UP. I like it. Here are the looks that stood out to me, for better or worse. But if you want to get right down to it:

BEST: Isla Fisher
WORST: Julianne Moore


carey mulligan baz

Carey Mulligan, seen here with Baz Luhrhraznamann. (Luhrmann). She looks gorgeous but holy hell, where’s the rest of her?? Is she okay? Does she know she’s allowed to smile? Even LANA DEL REY is smiling. Jesus.

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Best And Worst Celebrity Looks Of The Week

emily vancamp

Celebrities walk around and get their photos taken, so let’s criticize their outfits. Here are some of my picks for best and worst celebrity looks of the week. Above is Emily VanCamp (Revenge) who’s got this face on like she’s she’s realizing she made some sort of huge mistake. Maybe she realized she’s on Revenge. What happened to that show? The second season…godawful. I like her outfit though. It reminds me of ~~Kiki Dunst back in 2006-2008~~. Not totally into the handbag.

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Carey Mulligan Doesn’t Mind If You Don’t Like ‘The Great Gatsby’

Carey Mulligan is a precious little English rose, and don’t you forget it! Everyone agrees she was the natural choice for the role of Daisy in The Great Gatsby, but not everyone is so thrilled with the book being brought to the big screen and she knows it. Still, Carey is down-to-earth enough to know that while she had fun with the character, she shouldn’t take it to heart if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

From Vogue:

In An Education, audiences felt free to fall in love with Mulligan, whereas in Gatsby they must—a fact not lost on the actress, who visited the gym and went running every day during shooting. “I wanted to feel really, really, really, really good,” she says. Even so, there were times when she looked around the enormous production—five soundstages, several hundred extras all doing the Charleston, “and the script is talking about how she’s the king’s daughter, she’s this beautiful angel—and you’re like, Phew. You just wanna get through the scene.” She adds, “I’m fully prepared to be completely ripped apart. Well, I’m not prepared; that’s the thing. I don’t want to be torn apart. We’ve all just tried something; we had fun, and we tried to do something interesting and exciting, something that people could connect with.”

I don’t really have any feelings about The Great Gatsby – I thought the book was a total bore when I tried to read it a few years back, but I might feel differently about it now. The movie’s been having a bit of trouble coming out at all, so God knows when any of us will even have a chance to see it, but good for Carey for not really minding if it gets panned a bit (which it inevitably will). Looking forward to the pretty costumes, though!

Check out Carey’s lovely Vogue shoot below.

‘The Great Gatsby’ Trailer is Here!

Wow. This is almost nothing like I envisioned it to be, but then again, we are talking Baz Luhrmann, who did ’96′s ‘Romeo+Juliet’, which was like an acid trip in a movie theater. Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed, because I think a lot could have been done with a ‘Great Gatsby‘ reboot, but now we won’t actually see my grand vision for at least another two decades when they decide to to a remake of the remake of the remake of the original once more.

I’m kidding. This movie and everything it entails looks absolutely amazing. Not amazing enough, you know, to go out and see it on Christmas Day or anything (who actually does that? Do you, or someone you know, go out and hit up the movie theater on Christmas Day or Christmas Night? Because I know that I’m usually cuddled up on the couch all day long eating and opening presents and drinking wine and watching fabulous movies that are hardly ever on network television and the last thing—the absolute last thing—I want to be doing is leaving the house for any particular reason whatsoever), but it looks pretty f-cking fabulous nevertheless.

Thoughts on that and, of course, thoughts on ‘The Great Gatsby’? Aside from how Leonardo DiCaprio was a brilliant choice for Jay Gatsby, and how Tobey Maguire still makes people want to slit their wrists because he sucks so hard?

Love it or Leave it: Carey Mulligan Goes Back to Brown

Carey Mulligan Goes Back to Brown [PIC]

Me? Oh, personally I love it because her hair looks as shitty as mine does right now, but I know how worked up the rest of you get over your favorite stars go changing up their hair color.

Miss. Mulligan has had blond locks for awhile now, but as soon as she was cast in The Great Gastby, she went right back to brown. Yup, that’s the film’s director, Baz Luhrmann she’s pictured with here. Do you think this was a work meeting or is there even a slight chance that these two are getting it on?