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‘The Great Gatsby’ Trailer is Here!

Wow. This is almost nothing like I envisioned it to be, but then again, we are talking Baz Luhrmann, who did ’96’s ‘Romeo+Juliet’, which was like an acid trip in a movie theater. Honestly, I’m kind of disappointed, because I think a lot could have been done with a ‘Great Gatsby‘ reboot, but now we won’t actually see my grand vision for at least another two decades when they decide to to a remake of the remake of the remake of the original once more.

I’m kidding. This movie and everything it entails looks absolutely amazing. Not amazing enough, you know, to go out and see it on Christmas Day or anything (who actually does that? Do you, or someone you know, go out and hit up the movie theater on Christmas Day or Christmas Night? Because I know that I’m usually cuddled up on the couch all day long eating and opening presents and drinking wine and watching fabulous movies that are hardly ever on network television and the last thing—the absolute last thing—I want to be doing is leaving the house for any particular reason whatsoever), but it looks pretty f-cking fabulous nevertheless.

Thoughts on that and, of course, thoughts on ‘The Great Gatsby’? Aside from how Leonardo DiCaprio was a brilliant choice for Jay Gatsby, and how Tobey Maguire still makes people want to slit their wrists because he sucks so hard?

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  • I have to agree with you. I had high hopes this movie would be a traditional take on the novel (which I adored in high school). I won’t see it till it hits DVD. I will definitely see it – most everything Leo does rocks. Great choice for gatsby!

  • Everybody looks perfectly cast, but I wish another director was doing it. The Great Gatsby has been called the greatest book in American literature and I sure wouldn’t like to see it all “cartooned” up like some of the other Baz Luhrman luridities. And I am going on Christmas Day!