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The Oscars – The Dresses (Part I)

During the red carpet foolishness known as ABC’s pre-Oscars warm-up show, one of the actresses — I think it was Meryl Streep- said that she loves coming to the Oscars because she gets to see all her friends dressed up. I have to agree. I giggle a little bit every time I see Jeff Bridges in a tuxedo because it’s like seeing my stoner hippie father at a wedding.

It was a classy affair at the Oscars tonight. Charlize Theron,  Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz were particularly stunning (as usual) and Sandra Bullock, who has a habit of being hit or miss, was gorgeous. There weren’t many terrible dresses, just some that were underwhelming– such as Rachel McAdams’ Ellie Saab gown that kind of  looks like a bedspread from a budget motel – pastel, with a pattern designed to camouflage old cum stains.

Also in this gallery: Kristen Stewart, Sigourney Weaver, Meryl Streep, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gabourey Sidibe, and Carey Mulligan.

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  • Is that… is that her nipple, there, or just an awkward fold in her ugly dress? Rachel McAdams, I mean. Cause, you know: really looks like nip.

  • Dress Rachel McAdams in a sack, I don’t care, she is hot… and can Kristen Stewart pleeeeeease go away. Leave, please, I know you hate the celebrity your craft has created; go work at a diner in Des Moines or somewhere no one will take a picture of you or ask your half baked ass a question.

  • I think Kristin Stewart gets a bad rap. She seemed so nervous and somewhat awkward during the into to the horror montage. I find that endearing.

    • To each their own; But I didn’t say it was a terrible dress, just that the pattern looks like the pattern on a bedspread at a budget hotel. And it totally does.

  • Kristin Stewart looks amazing in that dress. It looks great with her skin, and it actually fits her really well.

    Rachel McAdams’ dress is hideous, and Charlize Theron’s looks like a prom dress. Eek!

    • Rachel’s not hideous–I’d wear that dress if I have the money. :) Look Kristen’s dress is beautiful, AND Rachel’s too. But I prefer something fresher and different. :D

  • Kristin Stewart… My favorite part of the night was the 80th years of horror tribute (“It’s ALIVE!!!”), badass, but the clip would have been better without New Moon segment in it. Twilight = horror ? Please…

    For the dress, I don’t think Rachel is so bad. She’s always a godess, but I don’t know what wrong with Charlize Theron, the lavender dress or the red lips. Sandra Bullock have a weird lipstick too.

    • I found New Moon pretty horrifying, myself. However, Kristen Stewart looked the best she’s ever done, so whatever.

      Sandra Bullock’s lipstick drove me crazy all night.

  • Is it me or am I sensing some Kristin Stewart – Twihards here? Anyway, I LOOOOVE Rachel McAdams’ dress! It looks so refreshing and ethereal!

    Anyway, why is Twilight categorized as a horror? Perhaps the acting is horrifying. Har har har. :)