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Meet George Alexander Louis

prince william kate middleton royal baby George Alexander Louis

George Alexander Louis, meet the world. World, meet George Alexander Louis. Who is George Alexander Louis? Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s new baby. The Royal Baby. The big baby kahuna. I guess George Alexander Louis is a better name than North West. If we’re judging. And I’d like us to.

So why this name? The BBC has some theories. Alexander, because it’s the male form of Alexandra, which is the Queen’s first middle name. (Yes, first. She has more than one.) Louis because he is the uncle of Prince Philip. And finally George, because the Will and Kate are huge Jason Alexander/Seinfeld fans. Or maybe because there have been a whole mess of King Georges.

What do you think of the name?

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  • Hate it. George is a goofy name anyway. He’ll be George the 7th. I would’ve liked Michael or James or Richard.

  • Aww, they’re just so damn cute, they make me smile like pictures of kittens do.
    I’m fine with George, especially now that I know it’s a Seinfeld homage. :D

    • I too am joking about Seinfeld. Thought I’d better say that before a bunch of feral weirdos start yelling. ;)

  • I think it should have been named after his brother since he will never be king ;( it would have been nice to do !