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Uh, Is Bruce Willis A Little Drunk?

Bruce Willis is a bit of a non-entity these days. Sure, he’s still getting roles, but it’s far from his hey day and no one really gives a shit anymore. Anyway, if you want one way to make people give a shit, act really crazy during an interview. That’ll get ’em talking, for sure! While doing a press junket for their new film RED 2, Mary Louise Parker (girl, lay off that Botox – you’re too beautiful!) and Bruce Willis (bro, lay off that Botox – you look like wax!) sat down to chat to Magic 105.4‘s Jamie Edwards about it. Only problem is, Bruce didn’t do much in the way of answering any questions… and he seemed kinda drunk.


  • Bruce claims that he can “can hardly keep his mind on this interview” as he looks blankly around him.
  • After becoming distracted by something outside the window, Bruce tells the interviewer to “go ahead” since he seems like he has “some great questions there”.
  • Mary Louise Parker seems increasingly embarrassed/distressed.

This whole thing is a disaster and very weird, but hey, I guess we’re talking about Bruce Willis now!

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  • I’d say less drunk and more asshat. He seems bothered by having to do press for a movie that surely made him several million. It reminds me of that time way, way back in the day where he copped attitude with someone for pronouncing Demi Moore’s name wrong.

  • The star of this interview is the interviewer. He soldiered on and never lost his poise and good cheer.