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North West

North West is already following in the Kardashian family footsteps

north west CR fashion book

Surprise! Kim Kardashian is already putting her 13-month-old daughter North West out on the Hollywood ho stroll, just like Mama Kris did to her all those years ago. You see, Kim and Kanye are super private people who are protective of their daughter and want her to choose whether or not she wants to be famous and in the spotlight when she’s old enough to do so… which is why they’ve had her modeling in Caroline Roitfeld’s fall issue of CR Fashion Book.

So what on earth is this miniature human wearing? Well, she’s donning a Chanel brooch, Lorraine Schwartz diamond studs and her picture has a classic Karl Lagerfeld quote next to it: “It’s never too early to start caring about fashion!” Some would, of course, disagree.

This poor, poor child. Every time I see her, I feel worse and worse for the life she’s destined to live.

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Kanye West is afraid North West will get electrocuted by a drone while swimming

kim kardashian kanye west house

Kanye West‘s testimony at his Los Angeles assault trial against a paparazzi is just too fucking rich, man. While yesterday we heard that he claimed he’s the smartest celebrity there is, today we hear of his deep-seated fears: that paparazzi will fly drones over his house, lose control of said drones and then crash them into the pool while his 1-year-old daughter is swimming, thereby electrocuting her to death. Uh…

From TMZ:

In the depo … Kanye sarcastically asks the photog’s lawyer, “Is your daughter stalked by like drones? Are there drones flying where she’s trying to learn how to swim at age 1?”

Kanye goes on … “Wouldn’t you like to just teach your daughter how to swim without a drone flying? What happens if a drone falls right next to her?  Would it electrocute her?”

As for how that could happen, Kanye says, “Could it fall and hit her if that paparazzi doesn’t understand how to remote control the drone over their house?”

Oh, dear. I mean… what? I suppose this goes a ways in explaining why he and Kim just abandoned the house they were renovating to buy a new one for $20 million in Hidden Hills, California. It has its own vineyard, two spas, two swimming pools, two barbeque centers (JEALOUS) and is set on 3.5 acres of land. More money than sense, I’ve always said.

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Kanye West has a special guest in the studio

kanye west north west

Okay, as much as I can’t stand her parents, you have to admit that little North West is absolutely adorable. And she’s getting so big! Kim Kardashian posted this photo of his special guest with Kanye West in the studio online over the weekend in an attempt to prove that he and Kim do actually spend time with their child. I do have a slight concern that poor North never seems to be smiling, but would you?

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