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Ouch: Simon Cowell Straight-Up Disses Britney On New Season Of X Factor

britney spears out shopping

Britney Spears left The X Factor and I’m guessing it wasn’t completely her decision. So either Simon Cowell is thrilled with her absence or is being passively aggressively pissed about her leaving, because he’s openly dissing her on X Factor‘s new season. Radar Online describes the promos for the upcoming season:

In one clip, Simon tells a whiny male candidate singing Britney’s Hit Me Baby One More Time that, “There was a moment there where I shut my eyes and I thought we had Britney Spears on stage.”

New judge Kelly Rowland looked in, shocked, while Demi Lovato just laughed.

And in another promo from the Long Island auditions, Simon describes one woman’s seriously nasal rendition of Toxic as sounding “a little bit too much like the original.”

Come on, dude, why be like that? You don’t have to heap false praise on her like her producer, but you don’t have to be mean! Oh…well, actually, yeah, I guess that’s his “thing.” But is he ever mean to the other judges? He would tease Paula on American Idol but at least it was to her face.

Speaking of Paula Abdul, anyone seen her lately?

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  • Well…can we just be honest and admit that in spite of her ability (with the help of a skilled manager) to shell out catchy hits, Britney was NEVER regarded as a “gifted” singer.

  • Simon is a douche and he’s just pissed cause HE doesn’t have what it takes to revive this show so he’s blaming the one person he thought might. He wanted Britney to have a melt down while being a judge and she was fine so he got rid of her. The show is over Simon the whole “singing talent contest” thing is over people are sick of no talents week in and week out just look to your left Demi ?? she is a whiney no talent herself.

  • Brit gives me a boner she was the only reason I watched. If she was looking sexy I stayed and watched a little longer. If it was a 2 min commercial of her entering a stage stand smiling for 1 min and a half and then walking off I would have watched that show. Simon and the rest of them had nothing to do with it.

  • Simone is a pissy little bitch who can’t get it up so he blames the women in his life for his short comings.