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Photos: Simon Cowell’s Baby Son Eric Is Pretty Cute

simon cowell eric

Simon Cowell and his soon-to-be-wife?/girlfriend/former friend’s ex-wife welcomed their baby son Eric this weekend at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and while I think we all can agree that this will be the most spoiled rotten child born since Prince George, we had to know one thing: what’s he look like, for God’s sake? (This is apparently something people wanted to know.)

Well, good news: he’s cute! He’s basically just a wrinkled little baby person, like most newborns are, but he’s a cute one already, so that bodes well.

Simon seems to be a super proud and doting daddy, which is sorta adorable and not at all surprising given his interactions with kids over the years on the various talent shows he’s judged on. He always winks at them and is super sweet – completely different from his hard ass persona. Here are a couple more photos he posted on his Twitter page:

Awww, cute!

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Simon Cowell’s Baby Boy Is Here


Simon Cowell‘s girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, gave birth to their son yesterday. He’s pretty psyched about it. He tweeted,

Very happy to say Eric was born at 17.45pm. Healthy and handsome.

Lauren in great shape. Thanks for all of your kind messages.

They chose the name Eric to honor his Cowell’s dad,  Eric Selig Phillip Cowell, who died in 1999, according to E!.

Owen Wilson also just welcomed a son.

Cowell will have lots more time to spend with his baby now that his show’s been cancelled.

Congrats to the couple, I guess.

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Thank God: ‘The X Factor’ USA Has Been Canceled

x factor usa

I really wanted to love The X Factor USA – honestly I did. I’m a big fan of the UK version and thought, you know, a US version would probably be okay… except not, because America tends to ruin absolutely everything they adapt from across the pond. It’s been an absolute shit show for the past three reasons, has launched absolutely zero stars and can’t seem to hold onto any of the judges, who all take the paycheck and then realise they got themselves into a hot ass mess.

In any case, someone at Fox finally said enough is enough and cut the cord on The X Factor. That’s right: it’s been cancelled! No more Simon Cowell‘s grumpy face (he’s headed back to the UK version), no more Demi Lovato… doing whatever. No more other rotating panelists, none of which were any good at all. It’s done. Finito. Can you hear the angels rejoice?

Here’s Simon’s statement:

“I’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on The X Factor and American Idol.

“And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!).

“Last year, for a number of reasons, I had to make a decision to return to the UK version of The X Factor in 2014.

“So for now, I’m back to the UK and I want to thank Fox for being an incredible partner and I also want to thank everybody who has supported my shows. America, I’ll see you soon!”

Well… okay. See ya later, alligator. Thank God this shit is over. But wait, there’s more! Here’s what FOX entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly had to say:

“To all of us at Fox, Simon is more than one of the most prolific TV personalities of our time – he’s part of our family.

“A consummate showman and partner, there’s no-one more passionate or creative than Simon, and we feel so fortunate to have enjoyed such a wonderful, collaborative relationship with him over the past 12 years.Unfortunately, there is no X Factor USA without Simon Cowell, but we understand and support his decision to focus on the international formats and on the next phase of his personal life. We wish him the very best, and it’s our sincere hope that we work together again soon.”

Right, fair enough. The end. But I do not believe it’s over because Simon is leaving. It’s over because it was shit. K, that’s it.

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Simon Cowell Disses Lady Gaga, Praises Beyonce


Simon Cowell has lots to say about Lady Gaga, and it’s not too complimentary. Beyoncé, however…man, he loves the hell outta Bey. He did a radio interview with Kay Burley and Stig Abell on LBC 97.3 and gave his classic Cowell viewpoint on the state of today’s music. Via Mirror:

I think overall this has been a really, really good year for music, I was saying that to someone last night, it’s almost as if songs have come back into fashion again. I mean, some people have had a great year, some people have had a bad year, it’s quite interesting that after all the hype, Lady Gaga, it’s almost as if people have just had enough of it.

[Whereas] You see the Beyoncé album drop out of nowhere in the middle of the night and crash the internet. No pre-promotion, no stupid pictures, nothing. And again, maybe this is the sign of how things are going to change in the future.

What do you guys think about what he said?

At this point, who do you prefer?
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Simon Cowell Doesn’t ‘Get’ Russell Brand’s Revolution

simon cowell

Simon Cowell isn’t really concerned with much in life besides money and how much of it he can make and, I suppose, now his love child with his soon-to-be shotgun wife. That being said, I’m not really surprised that he doesn’t “get” Russell Brand‘s political passion and call for change and that he thinks the best way for Russell to fight “the man” is to give back all his money. Uh…….

Here’s what Cowell told Shortlist magazine:

“A revolution? He’s getting $10 million per movie. I mean, come on! Well, give your money back then, Russell.

“I always say that about people. Start off as you mean to go on. Donate all the money back to the revolution and then I’ll believe it. I’m living in a 10 million dollar mansion and I want a revolution? Give me a break.”

I sort get the point he’s TRYING to make, but I just don’t think it holds water. Here’s the thing: as Russell himself has pointed out, no one listens to the poor people. That’s the people he’s fighting for, and he’s doing it because while they’re fighting for themselves, it’s easy to shush people up who have no power. He’s using his platform – which, yes, comes with money – in order to try and MAKE the authorities listen. He’s much more visible than your average joe who works at a sanitation plant down the street.

Second of all, last I checked, Simon Cowell doesn’t have access to Russell’s personal accounts and therefore has no idea what kind of donations he makes or how much money he gives away to whatever cause. Saying that someone’s feelings are invalid because of how much money they have is absolutely ridiculous, so Simon Cowell needs to shut the fuck up.

Also, I’m shocked that I’m defending Russell Brand when I don’t even really like the guy very much, but I just feel like it was called for here. Oh, and below is the Newsnight interview Russell did that really kicked all this off – it’s well worth the watch.

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So Awkward: Simon Cowell Sings Power Rangers Theme Song For A Room Full Of People


Simon Cowell is great at critiquing others’ singing voices, but he’s yet to reveal his own. That all changed when he sang “Go Go Power Rangers” for a room full of people. He was a bit flat, honestly, he sounded like a wounded dog stuck in a child’s playpen. (That was me being Simon Cowell.) I mean, it was fine, whatever. So awkward though.

How did this come to be? TMZ explains. Cowell was at a fundraiser when the Power Rangers creator egged him on. What sealed the deal was offering to donate $1 million of Cowell sang the song. He sang it, and TMZ posted the video. Let’s hope this guy actually donates.

Though considering everything Cowell’s been through lately, this is probably one of the lesser awkward things he’s done.

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