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Bad Idea: Kanye Fought With A Photographer At LAX

kanye west

Kanye West got into another altercation with a photographer, this time at LAX. A photographer hounded Kanye with questions and instead of ignoring him, Kanye advanced and the paparazzo ran. Kanye caught up with him and tried to wrestle the camera out of his hands, but the photographer was clinging to it pretty tightly. Kanye gave up and the photographer slunk to the ground. Kanye didn’t punch, hit, or kick him once. Some of these reports are making it sound like the fight scene from Anchorman. Not even close.

Regardless, LAPD started a battery investigation. And as our own Jennifer pointed out, “Isn’t this what he has a bodyguard for?” Good point! But I guess Kanye would rather make his own terrible decisions. From The Los Angeles Times:

The incident was reported about 2 p.m. Friday and took place outside the lower level of the Tom Bradley terminal, police said.

A scuffle took place after a photographer continued to take pictures of the rapper after being told that West did not want his picture taken, sources familiar with the investigation said.

Paramedics were called to the scene after the paparazzo complained of injuries. Sources said there were no immediate or visible signs of injury.

West left the area before police arrived.

TMZ has 2 videos (each one from a different angle!)