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Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of The Ritz For Being Her Rude Pot-Smoking Self

amanda bynes going to court in blue wig

Amanda Bynes got kicked out of her hotel room at The Ritz-Carlton in NYC and I think we can all agree that the shocking thing about this story is that Amanda Bynes can afford a hotel room at a Ritz-Carlton. You may remember that Bynes was most likely evicted from her apartment and it’s for many of the same reasons that she was asked to leave the hotel.

Here is what she did:

Smoked weed every day.
— Hotel staff asked her, then told her, not to do that.
— Bynes ignored them, carried on, and tried to cover the smell by spraying something over it.
— She said the woman at the front desk was “too ugly” to check her in. Bynes suggested she get plastic surgery. The woman cried.
— The staff then decided they were done and told her to leave before her check-out time.

And that’s all we know about (so far.) Thanks TMZ! Bynes of course says that none of this happened. Let’s see how long it takes her to tweet that the Ritz is ugly and everyone there is ugly.

So far she hasn’t addressed the issue on Twitter. As I was writing this, she tweeted, “drake is gorgeous”. Not this shit again. BE CONSISTENT, AMANDA.

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