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Amanda Bynes Sad Mugshot And Arrest Details

amanda bynes mugshot 2013


I only smoke tobacco I don’t drink or do drugs. I’ve never had a bong in my life! I need to get another nose job after seeing my mugshot! :D

Amanda Bynes‘ latest mugshot and subsequent court photos are making me sad. Bynes was arrested for possession (of pot) and tampering with evidence (throwing her bong out the window). She was asked to remove a platinum blonde wig for taking her mug shot, revealing this very short hair. After her arrest, she was placed in a holding cell all night. The judge let her go without bail. I feel sad about all of it. I don’t know. From TMZ:

The report says an officer went to Amanda’s room … and saw a bong on the kitchen counter.

According to the report, the cop — wearing a “full police uniform” — asked Amanda about the bong … and that’s when the actress flipped out.

Here’s the cop’s narrative — “I observed [Amanda] grab said bong, run to the westbound-facing window, and throw it out the window where numerous pedestrians were walking on the 8 Avenue and West 47 Street sidewalks below.”

Bynes was immediately arrested for reckless endangerment, possession of weed and tampering with evidence. Amanda has been formally charged with attempted evidence tampering, reckless endangerment and marijuana possession.

And some court details also from TMZ:

Amanda told the judge the bong cops say she threw out of her apartment window last night was “just a vase.” 

Prosecutors requested Bynes be held in lieu of $1,000 bail. The judge instead chose to let her go without bail … but gave her a stern warning that if she missed her court date in July an arrest warrant would be issued.

Amanda was escorted out of court by an officer … and left, on her own, in a taxicab.

Doesn’t this make you sad?:

amanda bynes wig court

I don’t think I have any snark today.

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  • I’m so glad I am alive to see this. She just needs to rock that short hairdo.. and be one of the “ugly people” as she calls them. LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Duck lips in the mugshot…she ought to get 10 years for that alone. Other than that, all you can say is DENIAL. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs…that’s what my cousin said for the 5 years it took to drink himself to death. As pitiful as he was, however, he never tried to make anyone believe that his bong was a vase. She might as well as told the cop to his face,”you are a stupid jack-ass.”

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