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Amanda Bynes Is Calling Drake’s Mom Ugly Now

drake mom

Not content with talking shit about the wannabe former murderer of her vagina, Drake, for no apparent reason, Amanda Bynes has expanded her feud to… his mom? That’s right – after having a crush on him, then calling him ugly, then apologising, then calling him ugly again, she’s now moved on to insulting his mother’s appearance. What the hell?

“The only person uglier than @drake is his mom”

Of course, she deleted this really quickly afterwards – so quickly that we don’t actually have any pictures of the tweet, which is a shame.

What is wrong with this girl? What is her point? At this point I really honestly believe she has to be putting all this on as a massive display of performance art because it’s just laughable.

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  • What she is showing us is a projection of how ugly she feels about herself. The self-loathing in public is very very sad; we all know she needs help but it’s going to take some ‘incident’ to make that happen…