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Oh HELL No: Oprah Gets The Smackdown Of Her Life

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Oprah‘s been getting some heat for paying Lindsay Lohan $2 million for an interview and to follow her around with camera for a show, but that’s nothing compared to what a former co-star is saying about her.

Get ready for this. Rae Dawn Chong starred with Oprah in the ’80s in the film The Color Purple. Oprah’s always been very proud of her work in this film. While she was making it she begged Steven Spielberg (who directed it) to add her name to the poster. He wouldn’t. She insisted she would be a big star one day. As The Oprah Winfrey Show was in its last seasons, she had a Purple reunion and had Quincy Jones (executive producer and composer of the film) on and she finally got her brand new goddamn poster with her stupid name on it. It was ridiculous. Still, I don’t think that warrants Chong’s harsh words. While she says Oprah was “lovely” to work with on The Color Purple, it was when Chong did her follow up film, Commando, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, that Ms. O flipped out on her. Here’s what Chong said in an interview with Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour (via E Online):

I starred in Commando. And she just wasn’t having me. She’s competitive. She didn’t like me. She just wasn’t having me. [She was a] total beeyotch. You know what? It was like, ‘F-ck you bitch.’

Okay, not nice, but not too bad, right? I’m sure worse has been said about Oprah. And weirdly, her next words are about how great Oprah is.

All I can say is she is amazing. I respect her. I think she’s done great things for women of color, for women of a certain size.

And then the compliments get a little more confusing as in, “are these really compliments or what?”

The thing that’s really great about Oprah, that you can’t take away from her, is that she’s a great brownnoser. If you were in a room with her, she will pick the most powerful person and become best friends with them. When we worked with her, the one thing about Oprah, she was that fat chick that was that cheerleader, or the wannabe cheerleader in school, that was the student council president that was best friends with the principal…she was that fat chick in school that did everything and everybody loved her. That’s Oprah. Love me, love me, love me. You gotta respect her, no matter how vile she is, ‘ cause ultimately she’s all about Oprah and she’s boring. But aside from that, you gotta kinda go, ‘Hello, hats off, you have done an amazing thing. You have actually shifted the DNA of the universe.

Uh, okay? But THEN, things get crazy. Asking to rate Oprah’s looks on a scale of 1-10 (uh, why???) she rates her a “4.” Okay, kinda mean, whatever. And then she just goes full Big Brother with the “OMG did she just say that?” statements:

If you look at the way she looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a housekeeper, luckily. She would not have been a house n—-r. She would have been a field n—-r.

Chong’s agent insists that Chong wasn’t saying anything terrible and that you have to “listen to the whole interview” and that all of these parts were — get ready for this classic — “out of context.” Chong went on twitter to insist,  “In context, I was actually complimenting Oprah.”


(TL;DR: Oprah’s former co-star calls her “a f-cking bitch”, “a great brownnoser”, “boring”, and “a field n—–r.”)

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  • Well it’s a good thing Rae Dawn is part African American other wise what she said would be racist and America would Paula Dean her ass.

  • Rae Dawn is a jealous BITCH. SHE wishes she had Oprah’s success, but she doesn’t, and that burns her ass. Who the Hell does she think she is, talking about Oprah the way she does, she ought to be ashamed of herself. Rae Dawn go berry your head in the sand because you’re a pathetic human being.

    • umm, is it just me, or should a person that spells SOMEBODY with a ‘W’ and gets the most last name wrong of arguably the most famous african american woman alive, call another person stupid? Just musing.

  • Rae Dawn Chong is a NOBOBY, no wonder she has nothing but vile things to say, about a SOMEWBODY,
    like Oprah Windrey. Oprah is a hard working intelligent and beautiful woman inside and out. Ms. Chong is an obsessed, jealous, MEAN BITCH. Ms. Chong should keep her mouth shut, because nothing good comes out of a poisoned mouth like hers. Rae Dawn Chong has made more ennemies by berating Oprah. Ms. Chong will never recover her reputation after what she said about Oprah. Good luck trying to get a job in the Movie business. I have a tip for Chong, “Get out of the Movie Business, because you’re career is over.” You know what they say ” You can’t fix STUPID”, well, that applies to you Rae Dawn Chong.