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Don’t worry, North West’s Name Is “Symbolic”

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There was a collective LOL heard ’round the world when Kim Kardashian and Kanye West actually named their daughter North (that was our tipster’s info, so good to see they were reliable!), but the happy couple want you to hold the laughter and understand the deeper meaning here. That’s right, North West‘s name is a symbol… and not of nonsense.

According to TMZ, Kimye have said that they see the baby as the “North Star” and gave the best soundbite of the year when they apparently told friends the following:

“What’s north of north? Nothing.”

HAHA! Well, can’t argue with reason, I suppose?

A bonus to this story is that Kim has apparently been sending out batches of fake baby photos to her friends to see which of them are going to try to hawk the pics of North to the press first. CLEVER – almost TOO clever for a Kardashian, you might say. Hilariously, two people came forward to TMZ wanting to sell photos of the baby (which aren’t real). Here’s one of them, anyway:

north west

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  • I heard that leak….that the name would be “Star”. Too funny. It’s close. Do you think it’s a fake name and birth certificate they posted?!

  • I wonder why everyone thinks North is so crazy of a baby name. Is it really any more strange than Blue Ivy? Or even City & country & Places & things that other folks today name their babies? Like even Brooklyn or Scotland or Suri ? Come on people you just want one more reason to pick on Kim K. because she got rich easy. So do athletes, they get big money for playing. What next.? Our country is being run by the entertainment industry. My oh my what next? Honestly I’d like to be rich. It would be nice just to be able to pay our bills without my husband & I working 4 jobs between the both of us.The rich entertainers only know how to entertain so they even provide entertainment via the names of their offspring. That’s what they do. Leave the girl alone. She is a pretty smart cookie. She made millions out of a potentially dreadful mistake. We all wish our ugly situations in life paid off so well. She’s got some smarts I’d say. Lets face it she is also like her siblings & mother beautiful. I’d love to get paid millions to look good, & show off our family drama. To have life so easy. Yet it won’t get you to heaven & eternity is an awful long time, so I guess I better not complain & just praise God for the life he has allowed me.Really folks a baby name! Honestly, it is no worse than the rest of this crazy modern world names their babies.

  • Michelle, you are so right. So true all you said! just a bit jealousy I would say! North ain’t nothing worse than ivy Blue. Well said!

  • To tell the truth I don’t give a rats ass about celebs or their baby names. Actually I’m a little surprised these two (well kim) didn’t push for “Kimye” I don’t know why but “North” strikes me as a boys name again no idea why just does.

  • Kim is 2 fake 4 me and she likes things her way 2 much.. she looks like she dnt even take da time out 2 give god thanks..
    But anyways dats their life so let dem live it…. and if u realise da time u take 2 worry about ppl life u should try and fix yours…

  • now, unfortunately, every time I meet someone named “North” in the future, I will expectantly follow with “West?”