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Caption This: This Week’s Photo


Hello, beeters! It’s that time again – a new photo, a new chance to caption for a sweet Evil Beet t-shirt. Remember guys, without bad days we wouldn’t know what a good day feels like. Therefore, take a look at the photo above and give us your funniest, most unique captions below, then check back next week to find out if you’ve won.

As for last week’s Heidi Klum photo, here’s the winner below.

Winner: john with “The little known NSA program “camel-toe patrol” is fully operational.”

There’s no runner up this week!

Come on guys, get captioning on this week’s photo.

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  • Henry: “And in closing if you look at this diagram you can unquestionably conclude that this is the only way Superman could shave his beard.”
    Lady: “Who gives a damn how he shaved? I just got a picture with Henry Cavill!”

  • “You know what, lady? She got a check for $6713 this-past/5 weeks and right away began to bring in more than $87 per hour. Seriously, TAKE A LOOKT!”

  • No it’s going to be ok sweetie your friends didn’t leave you. They’re right over there getting on the short bus.

  • I know holding it in is hard but, the port-a-potties are just over there and if you run I think you can make it.

  • Henry Cavill is attempting to point out to a Christopher Reeve fan that he is in fact the new Superman and that it is his picture on the poster.