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Jamie Lynn Spears Ominously Tweets About Justin Timberlake

jamie lynn spears with britney spears

Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of Britney, tweeted something vaguely ominous to Justin Timberlake — and then deleted it. She posted a photo of her, JT, and Brit Brit in a car, while alluding to knowing that his song “Cry Me A River” was written about her sister. Thankfully someone screencapped it before it was lost into the vortex of time. See for yourself:

jamie lynn spears justin timberlake britney spears

She GETS IT, guys.

And of course something this juicy had to be deleted. This isn’t Amanda Bynes’ twitter. Little Spears deleted it and then tweeted this vague explanation for the JT shout out:

jamie lynn spears justin timberlake britney spears

Even though Miss Jamie Lynn is a celebrity and knew Mr. Timberlake at one point in time, this still feels like one of those awkward tweets where a fan tweets a celebrity and hopes that they’ll respond.

Anyway, Justin “You Know You Suck As An Actor, Right?” Timberlake is well over Britney at this point and now writes songs about his grandparents, or whatever.

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  • The #crymeariver hashtag was super weird and awkward… she ‘gets’ what that song is about, right?